Do You Use Facebook As Much As You Did In The Past?

by minimus 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • WTWizard

    I use facebook exactly as much now as I did before, and as much as I did when I was a believing jokehovian. Which is none. There is way too much shareware in the form of buttons that bog down loading every single web page I try to load, even though I refuse to even get an account there (which any company can check, find anything that is even slightly politically incorrect, and ruin my life for it the way the LA Clippers owner was ruined by the NBA for a politically incorrect post). At least here, I am not wide open to having every detail of my life ruined by a bad "social score" as I would be with facebook or instagram.

  • nonjwspouse

    I use FB as an information place. Scouts have a page, so I get info on my daughters events. School has a page , for info on school things. Other parents use it too so that is handy. I also use FB increasingly as an alternative to craigslist for online "yard sale" items. I bought more from facebook posts than craigslist, and happier with it. I'm also using it as a place to sell things

    I never got into the IG snapchat,or twitter. I began a business page on twitter for a historic preservation foundation's main fundraiser event, but someone else is managing it now.

  • minimus

    FB is a racket.

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