WT Branch in Poland: Buy building of three floors located in the heart of Wlochy in Warsaw, for US $500,000 .

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  • hildebrando

    Department of Translation's video presentation, which prepare material in Polish. Subtitles in English and Spanish:


  • Simon

    They seem to use "translation department" as a reason to buy property. Probably get's them round some planning / zoning laws as countries make exceptions for things promoting their language.

    WTS buys £1,000,000 luxury sea-front property in Wales, UK

  • hildebrando

    Thanks Simon!

    "The Publications Committee of the Governing Body has agreed to buy an office building of three floors with an area of 970 m2, located in the heart of Wlochy in Warsaw" (WT Branch in Poland, Video September 14, 2015).

    Contrast with:

    "The Governing Body has directed that a number of branch and Assembly Hall construction projects be delayed, reduced in scope, or in some cases, cancelled." (WT Branch UK, Letter October 29, 2015).


    "The Governing Body has fully analyzed in order to optimize use of resources. In order to achieve this objective, it has established a reduction in the amount of special pioneers, construction servants, and members of the Bethel family worldwide" (WT Branch Argentina, Letter October 6, 2015).

    However, in Poland there is a great expansion in the construction work...

  • wannaexit
    Why expansion in Poland??
  • hildebrando

    According to the Polish branch, they are "having plenty to do in the work of the Lord":

    200 new Kingdom Halls

    150 remodeled Kingdom Halls

    150 parking for Kingdom Halls

    Finishing works office building of three floors of Department of Translation

    Remodelation Bethel in Nadarzyn (laundry, kitchen, etc)

    Remodelation Assembly Hall of Sosnowiec:

  • WTS Archive
    WTS Archive

    I'm from Poland and I'm the one responsible for this leaked letter :). They probably wanted to build this RTO (Regional Translation Office) so in future they can sell main Branch Office building and just leave the RTO, while moving all the operations to either Czech branch or to Finland.

    The funny thing is, just weeks after they announced the purchase of this building and schedule for adapting it to their needs (with the usual "we hope Jehovah will bless this undertaking") the letter about downsizing came, which also stated that a number of building projects are either delayed, halted or cancelled. And now I got reliable information that this project is halted as well. So much for Jehovah's blessing, I guess ;).

  • hildebrando

    Hello WTS Archive!

    You have the letters in pdf or jpg?

    Thanks for your leak!

    Regards from Chile!

  • FadeToBlack
    I'm on the ground here in Poland. I'll ask the wife if she know anything about this. She has personal direct contact with some of the big boys in Nardazyn. She was actually involved in some of the printing work here in the early days (she ran a printing company when she came into the 'truth'). She also was involved in legally establishing/getting permission for kigndom halls to be allowed here. She has a legal background.
  • WTS Archive
    WTS Archive

    You can download the original letter that announced the construction of this building here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6x59Q9rx60odUtKN3Y2U1ZBOUk/view?usp=sharing

    I don't have a letter that announced that this project is halted, I got this information from a reliable source who works in polish LDC department.

  • FadeToBlack
    It make no sense to buy property in Warsaw unless it is for investment purposes. They could build translation offices elsewhere/anywhere in the country for much, much less.

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