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  • ozziepost

    How do Americans consider Alaska?

    Have you noticed how Alaska heads the Annual Report?

    Check it out:

    If you've always presumed that the Annual Report lists countries, then think again!

    Somehow Alaska and Hawaii are separate from the USA.

    The same goes for Gibraltar. Now don't say that it's a semi-autonomous region because if that were so, then we should also see Jersey and Guernsey listed.

    So how are we to view Alaska?

    Just curious.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • somebodylovesme

    Hmm.. that is funny and sad! We had relatives who lived in Alaska for years. They said they felt like they were in another country because it cost so much to have things shipped there from the "mainland".

    Reminds me of a JayWalking (on Jay Leno) where someone answered that Alaska was a foreign country. ;)

    Sad, sad.


  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith

    Well it's been a state since before I was born so I've never considered it to be anything else. Try attacking it and see what happens


    Hi Ozzie, how ya doin'?

    Yes, that's an interesting question.

    Here in Canada, you'll notice, I think (on that thread from the German Yearbook), an island called: Newfoundland. (Terre Neuve, in French).

    It belongs to Canada, yet, it had it's own little mini-Bethel or Watchtower branch in St. John's.

    The small French islands of St. Pierre & Miquelon, I do believe, have their own tiny branch. These islands are only a few miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. They are a French territory: bet some of you didn't know that one did you?

    Jersey, Guernsey, and the rest of the Baliwick (Channel Islands), I do believe report to the Bethel in London. I'll have to ask my good friend in Guernsey, what the scoop is on that one. I'm sure he knows.

    Given that Alaska and Hawaii, are not part of the lower 48 contiguous states; perhaps this is why it was done, to list them seperately.

    Interesting question Ozziepost.

    Does Christmas Island, Tasmania (state of), and other Australian territories off the continent report to the Australian Bethel? Just curious.


  • ozziepost
    Does Christmas Island, Tasmania (state of), and other Australian territories off the continent report to the Australian Bethel?

    They certainly do! Anything else would be unthinkable, but hey, don't suggest that Tasmania isn't part of Australia! The remote islands of Christmas Island off the west coast and Norfolk Island off the east coast are all reporting through the Australia Branch.

    I think there may have been a suggestion that the other islands of North Island and South Island (otherwise known as New Zealand) may start to report through Australia soon!!!

    BTW that last bit was a joke......wasn't it?

    But now, what about Alaska?

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • blondie

    They are listed by branches. Both Alaska and Hawaii operate separately but in conjuction with Brooklyn in NYC. Hawaii adminsters many of the islands in the Pacific. Alaska administers part of Canada. The WTS likes to crow and say that they activities are not determined by man-made borders.


  • ozziepost

    Alaska and Hawaii are branches???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Struth!

  • blondie

    8/15/00 WT p. 11 Off to the Pacific Islands?To Work!

    Apparently that will not be a problem. "Everyone here who has participated in international building projects has asked to be remembered when another one is planned," writes the Hawaii branch office.

    10/1/94 WT

    p. 25 A Barren Land Becomes Fertile

    We rejoice that we have had a small part in the spiritual growth in this part of the earth. Alaska, for example, now has its own branch office that coordinates the work of over 25 congregations.

  • Faraon


    It goes to prove that Higher Education rejection is alive and well in the WT.

    Maybe they are still using 1940's textbooks or maps. Who knows, in their maps they probably have Krooklyn as the center of Earth, just as eary maps had Jerusalem.

    What do you expect of a cult that up until the 1980's still believed that emotions resided on the literal heart?

  • Joker10

    Because these 2 states are far away from the mainland.

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