1 day Assembly Woodburn, Oregon 2/11/2017

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  • Spoletta

    Attendance: 1,2037 Cost: Approximately $12,000 Baptised: 2 Born ins

  • steve2

    Was attendance greater or fewer than expected?

  • fiddler

    I used to go to the Woodburn Assembly hall...remember when it was built 30+ years ago. I don't see any way in hell (or heaven) that one day cost that much! The kitchen was decommissioned probably 20 years ago...no food...and the thing has to have been paid for. Such a sham. It used to be a really nice place with a nice kitchen and cafeteria. Anyway, figures the baptisms would be only a couple of born ins. Also, I seem to remember attendance being a few thousand back in the day!

  • schnell

    Thank you, Spoletta. Truly, GOD is leading their sheep.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Such thrilling news! Thank you dear brother!

    Jehober is truly blessing the increase! 2 new ones--wow!

    Jehober is also truly speeding up the costs----$12,000! Praise jah!

    just saying!

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    Not to mention that those 2 born-ins shouldn't have even been born if their parents listened to the direction from the org not to have children...just saying

  • ttdtt

    Well at least "we" don't charge for Weddings like christendom does:)

  • Crazyguy

    Same for the Puyallup assembly hall north of this one. Was built in the early 80s on donated land. Built with volunteer labor and a lot of donated money for supplies etc.. I helped when I was a kid. There was a small loan on the place but paid off decades ago. Yes remodeled a couple of times mostly cosmetic and to get rid of the kitchen but like the place in Oregon 10-12k per day every weekend do to expenses!!! What a Joke!!! Or should I say scam!!!!

  • Naoscillator
    They're charging $10.00 per head at all assemblies now. I've watched as the number of publishers was entered into the software and the "bill" came up as exactly 10X more, with a $ in front of the number.
  • Spoletta

    Yes, the cost would go down considerably if they just charged $10 dollars a head, because the large, underemployed families just wouldn't show up. And for sure, there wouldn't be any "interested ones".

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