Where did Jehovah go ?

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  • berrygerry
    A good starting point is to watch the movie "The Invention of Lying."
  • daringhart13

    To borrow the words of the stellar prophet Elijah....."maybe he is sitting on the toilet taking a dump"

  • raven
    I feel the same way.. I got baptized at 17 (young and naive) tried hard to genuinely form a relationship with God, but... I felt nothing, it was like I was talking to the air. No prayers ever answered, no relief from depression or anxiety, etc, nothing, never felt anyone was listening. The org uses this "friendship with God" as something you MUST have. And those that cannot seem to obtain it are left feeling low. I am fading out of the org but find it difficult to cope with the fact of feeling I've been duped. I've always wondered about those who claim to have the best friendship ever with God, even though he can't even speak back to them? That is something I can't seem to grasp..
  • StarTrekAngel

    If you don't believe in God, well that is a bit harder to work on.

    If you still believe in God, shake off the watchtower teachings. I just met an ex-co worker a few weeks ago. He left the WT after marrying outside the religion. He felt he was mistreated and went on to explore other religions. Eventually he settled for the 7th day adventist. (not much of a change right?) and he told me he has bible studies of his own. Based in our conversation, he is teachings his bible studies to be witnesses outside of the religion itself. He has not been able to re question the same old questions.

    The WT would want you to believe that even the earliest characters in the bible had the same faith they have today. That may be they did not understand everything but, for example. Joseph knew adultery was wrong ( I don't believe so anymore)

    With that in mind, think about the off spring of Joseph, after Jacob moved to Egypt. When Moises was commanded to go to the Son of Israel, he knew they had forgotten about God. They did not know who this God was or what he could do. That is why Moises asked God for a sign to take along.

    God may well be gone. And if this is in parallel with anything that happened before, any faith is better than none, but no faith does not mean death either. God would basically have to come back and prove himself once again.

    If you believe only in Jesus, well, I don't believe he referred to preaching (as the WT wants you to think) when he said "those who stand until the end will be saved". He was referring to doing good deeds. People get tired of doing good when the enviromment is as bad as it can get. Doing the right thing, no matter what and for the rest of your life isn't easy. Pretending to care while walking the streets and counting hours is. Jesus could have not possibly refer to the latter.

  • Crazyguy
    billions of people have been slaughtered, died do to diseases and starvation, even eaten by animals. Where was thier god to help them? Just in thier head.
  • redvip2000


    Welcome to adulthood. Now you can see the naked reality of things. We are simply a speck of dust in the universe, and we are not special. There is no god and the universe doesn't owe us anything, no purpose, no direction or happiness, no comfort or redemption. We simply exist for a period of time, and that's it. Eventually, the Sun will burn out and our planet will cease to exist as well. In another part of the universe, chances are that another planet will have the right conditions to develop life and potentially go through this iteration again.

    This might appear bleak, but there is beauty in reality. In looking at the rest of the years you have, and appreciating how precious each day that you get to live is, that this is not just a transition stage to some imaginary heavenly place. Nope this is all you get, so cherish it.

  • M*A*S*H
    I can heartily recommend, if possible, going back to school\college\uni.
  • Tenacious
  • tornapart

    Delete, I had similar feelings to you, still do sometimes. It's as though all those answers you had to everything were no longer relevant. The rug is pulled out from beneath your feet and your whole world spins out of control. It's a horrible feeling and can take quite a long time to come to some kind of equilibrium.

    However I have also found that it opens up a whole new world of possibility. There are so many questions that need answering but the truth of it is this. No-one has all the answers! That's where you start from. Question everything, read as much as you can, find out what conclusions others have come to. Not everyone will reach the same conclusions obviously, even those that stay believers come to different conclusions about their beliefs. For instance I'm still a believer in God but now believe in evolution too and that he started the process. I am very drawn to Buddhist beliefs and that the teachings of Jesus and Buddha have a lot of similarities. It doesn't make me wrong or right, it's just a learning curve. Maybe in the future when I've pondered some more I'll come to further different conclusions. The point is, it doesn't have to be black and white anymore, there a thousands of different colours in between to explore. Take your time and enjoy the ride!

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Exactly, tornapart!! "No one has all the answers."!!! And doesn't this actually make us feel *more* humble?!?

    We feel more humble and connected to others and are more ready to listen to - and respect! - other people when we don't have all the answers!!

    Those arrogant so-and-so's in New York with all the answers -- bah!! to them. I shake them off as dust (doo-doo, actually!) on my feet.

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