Disturbing JW letters again

by Fadeaway1962 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Phizzy

    I was heartened by the comments at the end of the Article where many said they binned the awful things. If JW's read these comments, they will realise how pointless and time wasting their efforts are.

    I wonder if anyone, ever, is entrapped in the org by such a letter, and then a visit to the org's Cult-like Web Site ?

    I would doubt it.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Over reaction. I get all sorts of junk mail and phone calls. Seldom answer phone for unknown numbers. They know my name, wife, children, cat, dog, cars, health problems, age, politics, vacations. It is all public records and sold information.

    As for obscure return names and addresses that is supposedly to protect sisters from perverts. The rest of us do it because we already know the reaction and are ducking responsibility.

  • Overrated

    If I get mail from a Jw, in the trash it goes!

  • carla

    "...protect sisters from perverts."- they sure didn't mind sending known perverts to our homes did they? now those same perverts just write letters and still have our addresses.

  • Me.Wonderful

    It took an outsider to explain it me but the hand written letters are a little creepy. It makes the person feel like they are being stalked, that someone is watching you from a distance.

    The average person doesn't realize it is just the easiest way for a JW to get their hours in.

  • carla

    Me.Wonderful, I am a ubm (unbelieving mate, my jw joined up later in life) When I tell people that jw's must hand in a time slip they often don't believe me or think that it is only for the most die hard jw not realizing that it is for all members, in order to stay in good standing or good association. Then when I tell them about the their 'territory' maps complete with notes about each householder they are truly creeped out! "you mean they keep notes about us?! about our responses?" They may even have a note that you are 'big drinker', divorced, how many children, raised as x, y or z religion, went to college or not and so on. If that isn't creepy and invasive I don't know what is.

  • BluesBrother

    I also think it is an over reaction. We all get junk mail, just bin it

    For the newspaper it is a Summertime fill in story. He must have counted a full hour writi g a long letter like that.

    NB the paper has done them a massive favour in reproducing it. Loads of people have read it now . The dubs must be delighted!

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