Funeral Fashion

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  • snakeface

    i think the main objective is to wear something that shows respect for the deceased and for the family's feelings, and also not to draw attention to yourself. You want them to remember that you came, rather than remembering what you wore.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Black is beautiful.

    I have always worn what I like and am comfortable in but always bearing in mind the family of the deceased and the reason I was htere for.. A few times it has been total black and not a peep from anyone even when I was PIMI.Black used to be my favorite color.

    Wear what you are comfortable in.Black is just a color.


  • newsheep

    Blondie, we had gone to a mennonite new order (white bonnets and flower dresses) funeral and I was wearing a red suede jacket and matching skirt. I was surprised to hear from one of our mennonite employees that the one mennonite woman was telling others how dare I show up at the funeral in devils color. After that when we would go door to door I had no idea that none of them have the color red on them or in their homes. My argument to one of them was if it's the devils color then why did god create cardinals and other beautiful colored birds. No reply. I guess the joho's are no different with their superstitions, lol.

  • Moster

    Our Italian congregation will be in trouble then - all the older sisters wear black to all the meetings, out shopping, in service = all the time.

  • AudeSapere

    snakeface wrote: "i think the main objective is to wear something that shows respect for the deceased..."

    In normal funerals/memorials, this would be paramount. But as the OP is discussing a JW funeral, the prime entity being honored is WT/

  • Finkelstein

    Black is worn by people during a funeral to show respect and remorse toward the loss of the individual in sadness and grief.

    I dont remember anything said about what to wear if you do go to a non JWs funeral, there was a suggestion made that one shouldn't attend these events as they might weaken their spirituality.

    Wear what you want according to your own conscious.

  • floridaborn

    I think you should wear a black pantsuit and see the mouths start running

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Wear Red, yes the Red dress that Rhett in Gone With the Wind would require of Scarlett. When they gasp for air, just smile and walk away.

  • careful

    Thanks, Atlantis. You taught me something new today.

  • ThinkerBelle

    I love how they spew off details but never a citation.

    It is a non JW funeral and nobody there will be a JW which us why said family thinks we should properly represent the Big Guy. They didn't want to even go at first because of it being a church, but I mentioned that I'm not concerned and they changed the mind.

    I just think it's so ridiculous how it's ok to wear black any other time, but, nope, not at a funeral because it may give the wrong impression. Kinda like when said family said I can't eat turkey on what? If I only eat turkey sandwiches every other day of the year, why should it matter...the unreasonableness is real with this group.

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