After 103 years of JC Kingly Rule things dont look too good for Jehovahs Witnesses witnessing for Jehovah.

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  • smiddy

    These are 2015 figures

    Overall Christians 2.3 Billion

    Roman Catholics 1.2 Billion

    Muslims 1.8 Billion

    Hindus 1.1 Billion

    The 2017 memorial attendance was just over 20 million with only about 8 million active Jehovahs witnesses worldwide.

    And we all know that the majority of Memorial attendees will not become active JW`s full stop.

    And even if they did they are a drop in the bucket compared to Christendom as a whole as well as Muslims and Hindus combined

    Muslims/Hindus 2.9 Billion

    This is the situation in the year 2015 , 1o1 years after Jesus Christ became Ruling in the heavens according to the GB since 1914 and many/many years after the JW`s/Governing Body declared " Babylon The Great Has Fallen Gods Kingdom Rules"

    If after 103 years of Jesus Christ rule enthroned in heaven he can only come up with approximately 21 Million who "claim" to be Jehovahs Witnesses (and not witnesses of jesus as is described in the NT) { thats another story } it doesnt bode well for the future of JC reign , nor does it bode well for Jehovah as GOD

    Somebody has screwed up and its either :

    Jehovah God

    Jesus Christ

    or Jehovahs Witnesses

    Who do you think has screwed up ?

  • darkspilver

    These are 2015 figures

    Overall Christians 2.3 Billion

    Roman Catholics 1.2 Billion

    Muslims 1.8 Billion

    Hindus 1.1 Billion

    Jews (total) 14.4 Million

    Jews (religious) 9.5 Million

    Jews Total (
    13,428,300 in 2010
    7.3% increase
    14,410,700 in 2016

    Jehovah's Witnesses Average Active (Yearbooks)
    7,224,930 in 2010
    12.5% increase
    8,132,358 in 2016

    hat tip to slimboyfat:

  • DesirousOfChange

    JWs have been successful at "saving" 1/10th of 1% of the world population, yet it is said that it is God's Will that ALL men should be saved (and I assume he meant women also).

    Evidently™, in 1919 Christ chose a very pathetic PR representative in the Bible Students/JWs. They are falling far short of accomplishing the Will of God.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Of course JC has been ruling for over 100 yrs.... all of it invisibly!😂

    The Org does have some quite seriously humorous interpretations.

    Pretend... just pretend...

    DY - Going along to get along...

  • Finkelstein

    Who do you think has screwed up ?

    Answer = the people who really thought the WTS was god's chosen earthly organization and the WTS was telling " The Truth " all along.

  • Sanchy
    A JW would respond "narrow is the gate and cramped is the road" yada yada yada
  • steve2

    Isn't the OP creating a false point? JWs never intended to convert masses of humankind - although they do love to parade their annual figures.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    It works both ways for them. If there is an increase, they say that Jehovah is speeding up the work and a great in-gathering is taking place.

    If there is a decrease, they say that it was prophesied that the love of the greater number will cool off in time of the end and the road to life is narrow and cramped.

  • jookbeard

    Smiddy I know who has screwed up, the morons writing this crap for well over 100 years from Russell downwards, mad Freddie didn't really help things did he? and whoever was the brainchild of the "overlapping generation" kind of sealed the fate of their drop into mediocrity, Mr Interweb should be congratulated also

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    Tell this to a J.W and they will quote the "narrow and cramped" thing Jesus said!

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