Does the WT organization need cleansing?

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  • badboy

    What with suspected child molesters,a lot of people appear 2 b on depressidants etc.


  • Maverick

    They need a high colonic with a battery acid flush! And should start with the governing body. Maverick

  • Carmel


    A rather sulfuric comment, I'd say!


  • stillajwexelder

    absolutely it needscleansing -- and they should follow Jehovahs lead. If you rememberin 1914 or was it 1919 Jehovah put his own house in order first - he cleansed the heavens by throwing out satan and the demons - in other words he started at the top -- so this is what needs to happen -- cleanse the GB by enlarging it considerably then purge any who are yes men anyone who has not got their own mind would not be allowed on -- an enlargement should come only from other nations -- not just the white anglo saxons this would be a great start

  • mustang

    Yes, indeed.

    These folks @ WTS have really forgotten a great chunk of the Bible. That is the Hebrew Scriptures(tm) Old Testament books concerning the Judges. For many years, the NATION OF ISRAEL, THE CHOSEN, FAVORITE/FAVORED OF GOD, would do this wrong and that wrong for generations. Then "God would raise up a JUDGE & he would SMITE the Israelites". They never seem to be able to apply this to themselves, do they?

    Don't stand close: the WTS is overdue for the "Mother of All Lightning Bolts" from their own God of their own devising.


  • metatron

    They're painted into a corner. They can't admit they're wrong. They can't admit to making mistakes.

    They can't admit that the organization is a decaying mess rather than a "spiritual paradise".

    It's too late to cleanse the organization - they wiped out what little hope there was years ago.

    Now, the internet, new taxes, free porn, stem cells, and dozens of other factors are making them

    irrelevant. When guys like Jaracz finally die off, there won't be anything left worth salvaging that

    'Christendom' can't provide.


  • Dansk

    Sure! A nice big flush down the toilet would do very nicely


  • Poztate
    Sure! A nice big flush down the toilet would do very nicely

    Oh sure just what I was going to say and you beat me to it

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    You BETCHA! But only if we begin by rerouting the Mississippi River via gigantic fire hoses thru Bethel...

    Frannie B (of the "Public Enema #1 Class")

  • 95stormfront
    Sure! A nice big flush down the toilet would do very nicely

    That's not nice.....

    Why would you want to put the toilet through that much trauma!!!!

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