E-Harmony Dilemma

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  • scratchme1010

    ...till I find out yesterday that her best friend is a tarot card reader...

    And that's a deal breaker because...

  • jws

    I don't think of tarot card readers as people contacting demons like the JWs did. I can see where that might be scary if her friend is involved with demons. But I don't believe in anything supernatural behind tarot.

    On the other hand, I think of tarot as a con. Like palm readers and psychics. Good at reading people and "interpreting" things to sound like they have great knowledge. It's like astrology forecasts. Everything is generic and things that almost everybody finds to identify with.

    So her friend is probably very intuitive and a practiced con and maybe without her even realizing it. The way you might get a bad feeling about somebody because your brain is automatically processing signals and comes to a conclusion that you aren't consciously aware of.

    So, be honest with her. Her tarot reading friend might be able to sense more about you than you realize.

    If she believes her friend's BS, that is worrisome. It's as bad as believing in anything supernatural. Who knows what else? Astrology? Biorhythms? Christianity?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I think folks who are into reading Tarot cards and tea leaves and the like are still sometimes considered a bit "out there" and even a bit "flaky" by "worldly" standards. It's hard to say for sure without knowing the context of your conversation but I think I'd see red flags too if someone who I hadn't met face to face, brought up the subject of Tarot cards in an online or IM conversation.

    I wouldn't see this as a "dilemma"....you're only talking to someone new who has a different life's experience and background than you're accustomed to but if it's the Tarot card thing that's throwing you off, perhaps you could ask her a few questions* that might give you an idea if it was just a passing comment or if she's really into that kind of thing and make a determination from there.

    *So your friend reads Tarot cards....how does that work anyway ? Did she do a reading for you? What was that like? Do you think there's anything to it ? etc

  • Chook

    As humans we are always trying to read people, especially people who are new to our lives, everyone thinks they are a good judge of character. We read people's posts on here and look at their emoji and in our minds we try and read people. We say to ourselves that person is nice , that person is crazy, that person is different, then we feel sorry for that poor person who has been abused. As humans it's easy to become little judges, my thoughts on matters is that everyone is a little crazy. If someone says that such and such is not a little crazy ,my response is they haven't spent enough time with such ones. We all reward loyalty. Life is very short ,we need to go out of our comfort zone and embrace different people because deep down most people all want same things.

  • Scully


    Maybe you could tell her that you don't put a lot of stock in Tarot card reading, and see how she responds.

    I predict she'll become defensive of her friend and stop communicating with you.

    BTW, I thought e-harmony was supposed to match you with people who have similar interests as you?? How could they have gotten it so wrong??? Ask for your money back.

  • Worldling9

    I really don't see this as a big problem. Hope you can lighten up a bit.

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