Thanksgiving For My Friends

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  • Valis
    Catfish bait, huh, Valis? Hmm, methinks you need a spanking . . . . careful what you ask for..I give as good as I get you know...oh and when is your birthday again?


    District Overbeer

  • cruzanheart

    Birthday? What birthday?


  • xenawarrior

    awwwww thanks Lauralisa- I feel the same way about you !!!! And I welcome the weird phone calls.

    Gobble Gobble !!!

  • copsec

    I wish my team was playing tomorrow but alas I have to wait till SUNDAY!!! Yikes! I will be drinking beer though! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heathen

    I already have plans , but thanks for the invite . HAPPY THANKS GIVING and Gooooooooo cowboys waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooo oh and green bay . I like green bay even tho most cowboy fans don't like anybody but cowboys . Brett Favre , if only he played for Dallas . but what the hell quincy carter is looking pretty good this year .

  • xenawarrior

    Have a great holiday heathen !!! See you in a couple of weeks !!!!

    I'll cheer for your damn Cowboys tomorrow too !!!

    Hugs at ya !!

  • Country_Woman

    You're never to old to learn...

    Until now, I always thought that Thanksgiving was a part of X-mas....

    In the Netherlands there is a "Dankdag voor het gewas" which means -
    a day to thank for the crop - but it is only religious and not of
    current interest in the cities.

    I am living in a agricultural neighbourhood and people here are going
    to the church for a sermon, and that's it. No nice food or partying....
    I just found out that we are missing a lot here.

    Wish I could come over to celebrate...

  • SheilaM

    Well folks,

    After dinner he and the gilry girl, Erika, are going to watch the Plaza lighting ceremony down town. I think he has a special gift he wants to giver her! I'm sure that after that he will be home for thirds. He is much like his father.

    A happy Thanksgiving to all of you that I have and haven't broken bread with. I wish you were all here to share in our day.

    I only wish I knew who to thank for all I have to be thankful for. The closest thing to a diety for me would be our most excellent district overbeer Valis.

    Here's to you Travis.

  • Valis

    Sheesh Thunder..Thanks to you my friend! Well, I've been busy today, cooking...finished w/pecan chocolate pies, stuffing, acron squash and am now working w/my roommate to get the pumpkin soup going before I fry the turkey...I hope you all have a wonderful day and BTW, for some of us this is our second Thanksgiving this year Thunder rocks w/the deboned turk! Gotta run!


    District overbeer of the "No Rest For The Wicked Chefs" class

  • calamityjane

    Happy Thanksgiving Valis.

    cj and xjw_b12

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