JW Policy Regarding "Marking" From The Nov 2016 WT

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  • JW_Rogue

    JWs will deny that local needs parts are often just a way to mark those in the congregation who are deemed to be "bad association" or who don't fall in line with the Elders viewpoints. Now, for the first time in a long time the WT discusses their marking policy and how it works in the Nov study WT:

    Recall Paul’s counsel regarding disorderly ones in the congregation. Some individuals were ‘not working at all but were meddling with what did not concern them.’ They were evidently admonished by the elders but persisted in disregarding the counsel. How was the congregation to deal with such a person? Paul directed: “Keep this one marked and stop associating with him.” That counsel was balanced with the caution not to treat such a person as an enemy. (2 Thess. 3:11-15) Today, elders may give a warning talk about someone’s persisting in a course that reflects badly on the congregation, such as dating an unbeliever. (1 Cor. 7:39) How do you react when the elders find it necessary to give such a talk? If you are aware of the situation described in the talk, will you take care to avoid socializing with such an individual? Your loving concern and firm stand may move the person to abandon a disorderly course. [1]
  • NikL


    Nice catch.

    I guess I'll get to listen to this crap when it's presented to the cong. early next year. Happy happy joy joy!

    How about the following paragraph which contains..."how troubling it must have been for him to have to address the problem of sexual immorality that was being tolerated in that congregation! Paul directed the elders to hand the immoral man over to Satan—in other words, to disfellowship him".

    Funny, I have never seen the scripture that says that!


    How troubling it must have been to travel all the way to Jerusalem, just make the "Governing Body" stop making rules...

    Also, it's sounds like "marking" is the new shunning. Marking can accomplish the same thing, without "shunning."

    GB: "Oh no, we don't shun! We "mark."


  • schnell

    I may have met rank and file who deny or are unaware of marking, but I had it explained to me years ago by an elder once he took me in the background for dating my then unbaptized girlfriend. It may have been obscure, but it was absolutely there.

    In fact, there was another young man in my hall who had a girlfriend at school, and this elder told me that the upcoming local needs talk was a "marking talk" especially for him. He said I may be marked as well if anyone came forward about me afterwards. So, very loving.

  • stuckinarut2

    Wow! What a perversion on 2thes 3!

    It says NOT to treat such ones as an enemy...not to ignore them and stop associating with them.

    So now that gives the green light to witnesses to form their own personal "disfellowshipping" standards!?!

  • blondie

    Of course the BOE does not name the person in the talk, or they shouldn't. But they do make it clear what the "sin" is. There was a marking talk when I married my husband because he was not a jw (another sister too).

    But how does the individual jw solve the mystery of who it is if they are not up on the congregation gossip? Ask an elder or the jw who always knows everything? When does the congregation know when the person is off "marking"?

  • jookbeard

    I view my marking as a badge of honour, its all quite stupid though as the markee is never formally informed he is marked, well at least I was'nt

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, I knew they did a marking talk about me for "apostasy" and "independent researching"... within a week, dozens dropped me off social media.

    THEN the rumour mill went wild and I heard that gossip of my "sin" was actually some of the most distorted stuff you could imagine! And witnesses say they don't lie?! Haha

    I guess it makes them feel better if some elaborate concocted story is spread rather that the facts. That lets them off the emotional hook as they remember that I only ever did things to help them ...yet they can conveniently forget that and enjoy a slanderous story instead.


  • schnell

    They made a marking talk about independent research?

    Oh that is low.

  • schnell

    The most memorable marking talk I ever heard centered on a young woman with a young daughter who'd left her boyfriend and had to raise their young daughter on her own. She was evidently pregnant, facing life as a single parent in a high unemployment area, and she made the decision to have an abortion.

    The rumor mill went wild. The elders claimed to be unaware, and said that these women should have come to them instead of spreading rumors all over the place about this poor young woman.

    But then, at the climax of this talk, the brother said that the young woman will have to face Jehovah for her decision, and if she dies, then the gossipers will die along with her.

    I never saw her at a meeting again.

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