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  • Biahi

    Whew!got a new computer and couldn’t get in to post anything. Anyway, I put this in the humor section because I wanted to share a goofy thing that a sister said out in service. She said she “knew” that Jehovah would preserve Disney World because witnesses would need “someplace to go” after Armageddon. Lol, I always thought not a stone would be left upon a stone.

  • zeb

    disillusioned or what! So many jw in my time would speak of the houses they would have..

    When I mentioned to their discomfort of the need for power and scheme water (dare not mention sewage) they paused for second and comeback with something about, 'Jehovah would fix it.'

  • Diogenesister

    I know right? Not a stone upon a stone? When I heard about Witnesses saying they had an eye on such and such house, on forums, I was utterly shocked. Firstly because of this (misapplied) scripture watchtower loved to quote, and secondly because....well. Just because it’s so distasteful!

    But Disneyworld!, oh my the centre of Satan’s materialistic world!, That would have gotten her some counselling where I was from! We were told even great art works like the cistine chappel would be destroyed ( sounds like the Taliban) the theory being we would have eternity to create new artistic master pieces. Don’t think Disney world counts mind!!!

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I guess you would need Disneyland after Armageddon. After all, you'd need to get away from all the dead bodies, buzzards and flies.

    And there would be Sister (out in service) walking in there "Oh My God!! Look at all the Dead Children!" I bet she didn't think about that. Probably thinks the Angels would take care of that too. Tidy it all up just for her...

    I could imagine a twillight zone atmosphere - Everywhere you went in the park "It's a small world" would be playing.

  • EmptyInside

    Witnesses make me laugh...sometimes. There is so much magic in Disney movies. But,most act like it is so wholesome,but Harry Potter is a different matter. They like "Wizard of Oz" too,but then there are witches in that classic film.

  • tiki

    Are the Disney employees to be granted a pass as man the place and keep the entertainment going for the surviving faithful?

  • Biahi

    Funny, too, that sister died quite a few years ago, cancer.

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