Is this another Trump backflip?

by fulltimestudent 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • Fisherman

    It appears to me that DT kicked a lot of people out and replaced them with people of his own liking. The former had been serving themselves with the big spoon, and being now in a position of having to do things someone else's way - they don't like it none. And they want DT out and want someone else in so they can have it their way. Such forces want to push things again their way. If that is the case, such will scrutinize and rebel against every effort DT makes that they do not like. Maybe it will die out and everyone will pull in the same direction -but who knows because change is on the way for sure.

  • Finkelstein

    Finkelstein, Congress and Senate are under control of Republicans and Trump has stated that he would place the most right wing Supreme Court justices as he promised his voters. That is something the Republican majority would not mind doing.

    But you must see my point that there are many Republicans both in the Senate and Congress that are not that radical in right wing thinking.

    The US federal government in many ways has built within itself a floating protection against irrational impractical Bills. Trump may be the horse on the trail but the rider on top holding the reins are Congress and the Senate.

  • EternalPettingZoo

    The guy hasn't even been sworn in.

    Chill and give him a chance.

    Can't we wait until Feb 22nd before we start bashing our president?

  • Finkelstein

    Can't we wait until Feb 22nd before we start bashing our president

    Naa ...... its fun and justifiable to bash an egotistical, narcissistic, sexual predatory, exploitative and manipulative creep which Donald Trump is.

    Its got a bad hair doo and got his much younger model trophy wife not because he too is young and handsome and has a nice appealing down to earth wholesome character but because he's exuberantly rich and has his name on top of a lot buildings.

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