Do You Think Jehovah’s Witnesses Really Believe They Are Living In The Time Of The End?

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  • minimus

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  • john.prestor

    A few years ago an older Sister and I talked candidly about this in her apartment, just us, away from the congregation, away from the Elders. I asked her if she felt the end was imminent and she responded in pretty much these words, I don't think it's as close as I used to because they've been saying it for so long. But then she said that with all the school shootings and some horrible incident that was all over the press about some junkie cannibalizing someone it must be close, and she left it at that, she believed and she didn't believe. I didn't criticize her, just listened. She also let me look up how many earthquakes occur annually, she told me there were more and that showed the imminence of the end too, I looked it up online through some international body and brought her the results and she took me seriously and asked me to look up how many tsunamis hit worldwide annually, too.

    Do Jehovah's Witnesses in general believe the end is close? I think they must, some of them do at least, that CO I posted about a week or two ago, an Elder I chatted with over dinner after a Memorial, told me they felt, emotionally felt, the end was imminent because of some study article they read or because they followed the Governing Body's decisions, you know, the chariot is on the move, the work is expanding. I don't know, what do other posters think? When you were in the faith, did you think, feel, "know," the end was close?

  • Tobyjones262

    I think the vast majority of JWs believe the end is near. I suspect that most if not all the GB believe its near. Delusion is very destructive. JWs are told its not good or dangerous to go to collage and so they never develop any critical thinking skills. They are taught to shut off any critical ideas.

    After watching the Leah Remini Scientology show its apparent that the more abuse given the more most cling to the cult. Its sad but seems to be the case.

  • Vidiot

    They know it's wrong... but believe it's true... the same time.

  • Lynnie

    Funny how my cousins have long term care insurance they pay for every year ($8K per person) but of course they inherited $$ from his non witness father so they extensively remodeled the family home and are living happily ever after. Oh and they bought a new car too and called it their "death car" because they think it will be the last one they buy!

    it really does help to be a rich witness instead of a poor one, life is so much better then. We have lots of rich JW's here in Seattle.

  • blondie

    Actions speak louder than words. They may believe it is far off yet or that they can determine just before it starts and jump on the bandwagon. I have told jws including elders that if they are more concerned of being "caught" by other jws doing a df'ing offense than they are god (remember, they believe god sees all things) I think they reflect this scripture in the bible about what god showed Ezekiel what the Israelites were doing in the temple Their thinking?

    "Jehovah as left the land, and he is not seeing"

    Read Ezekiel 8:7-12. Boring through a wall and entering the inner courtyard near the temple altar, Ezekiel now saw disturbing wall carvings of “creeping things and loathsome beasts and all the disgusting idols.”* Those wall carvings represented false gods. Even more disturbing is what Ezekiel saw next: “70 of the elders of the house of Israel” were standing “in the darkness” and offering incense to the false gods. Under the Law, the burning of sweet-smelling incense represented the acceptable prayers offered up by faithful worshippers. (Ps. 141:2) However, the incense that those 70 elders offered up to false gods was an unholy stench to Jehovah. Their prayers were like an offensive odor to him. (Prov. 15:8) Those elders fooled themselves into thinking: “Jehovah is not seeing us.” But Jehovah did see them, and he showed Ezekiel exactly what they were doing in His temple!

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Those who are living under the ever present fear of losing standing, family and friends will say and do whatever is expected of them. That is the nature of Cults.

    But, do they actually believe? It depends. Some do; some do not; some are wondering. Often it is necessary to pretend in order to maintain stability once snared in the trap.

    While there may be reason to see World Events as indications that the Biblical End of This Age is near, how ever it will occur will be quite different from the teachings of Gotta admit, we're living in some weirdly increasing craziness presently, so I for one do believe (and hope) that the End of Corruption, Wickedness, Suffering and War is approaching. I suspect we'll all be very surprised in the not too distant future.

  • Phizzy

    Our dear Blondie said " Actions speak louder than words." True, so about ten or eleven years ago an Elder was telling me to get my act together and get back in the Org because the time " is so short".

    ( The following conversation may not be verbatim, but it went very much like this) :

    I asked how long 5 years , ten ? He replied "I doubt as long as ten" , so I said "O.K I'll give you 15 years, but what I want you to do is sell me all your Worldly Estate, everything you own, for £ 1.00, I will pay you the £1.00 now, but I will not collect on your Estate for 15 years".

    Guess what ? yea, you are right. He wouldn't do it. Do they really believe it ? deep down ? 100% ?

    NO !.

  • ShirleyW

    Do You Think Jehovah’s Witnesses Really Believe They Are Living In The Time Of The End?

    Of course they do, they've been thinking that for the last hundred years or however long they've been around. Even for my peers that are still in da troof, we're in the way over 50 crowd and from day one that's all we've heard and they're still preaching that. When do they wake up - - Never! ! !

  • Finkelstein

    Part of the psychological entrapment the WTS uses to lure in and control people is the " This system of things is about to come to an end, Armageddon is just right around the corner " supported by the " This generation or now this over lapping generation propagation.

    Fear is the controlling mechanism the WTS uses to spur on the literature distribution agenda, its been doing this since its inception as a religious publishing house.

    The WTS has pretty much been a commercialized fraud and not singularly from a theological perspective as a sinning false prophet.

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