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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Also I cosign Daniels thoughts and many others int hat same vein. I like the text to your daughter.


    Well, I did it. It's my responsibility to tell the truth. As Commander Adama was fond of saying, "Sometimes, you have to roll the hard six."

    My message was as follows:

    "Sweetie, I love you. Just because I was not at the Convention today, doesn't mean I'm not aware of the program. I will never abandon you like the parents in the video. You may not fully understand this message right now, and that's ok.

    Fear is a poor motivator when compared with love. ( 1 John 4:18 ) I love you, and I will always answer your phone call."


  • OzGirl

    DataDog, You're a good dad. Your daughter will remember your message.

  • xjwsrock


    Good Job. The contrast is ridiculous.

    But hey the Watchtower is just paying the bills. What's a few human rights violated...... Morris needs some new plain black socks.

  • Listener
    That was a great and important message to send to your daughter DD, even if it hadn't been after she saw the shunning video.

    I wonder if she will stop and think as to whether her mother would also give her this unconditional love. I think most of us who grew up with a JW parent knew that this wasn't so.

  • TimeBandit

    Hey Data-Dog. You did a great thing texting your daughter like that. I wish my own father would have stood by me in such a way. It would have meant the world to me. I am rooting for you.


  • smiddy

    It`s a pity you cant sit down with your wife and watch the videos of the Australian Royal Commission in sections and discuss like mature adults together what you have just seen , without being judgmental one way or the other.

    The pathetic performances by the Elders giving testimony alone should be enough to ring alarm bells.

    The video of Vin O`Toole saying he never knew what Theocratic Warfare meant is classic (obvious lie)

    G.Jackson`s statement when asked whether JW`s were the only ones that had the "truth" , his reply was "that would be presumptuous of me to say that " ( another lie)

    1006 sexual abuse investigations against children , over 50 years and not 1 Elder reported it to the authorities , all handled by a JC in the congregation ,that requires 3 Elders , so that means their were 3018 Elders who failed to report a crime of sexual abuse against a child to the authorities in over 50 years.

    What if that was your child , how would you feel today.?

    On another tact show her Google:Crimes committed by JW`s ,every crime that has been committed has been done by JW`s. /Her stock answer would be : If they committed those crimes they were not really Jehovah`s Witnesses .

    Your answer would be ,

    So their are no Catholics in Prisons either ,because if they really committed their crimes they were not really Catholics.

    I`m not in your shoes DD ,I`m just putting this out their on this format for all to see how I feel on this subject.


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