Who Really Controls the Governing Body

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    Since we neither can handle a challenge to God's power nor change the actual processes he has in place for the salvation of men, we will influence the men at our disposal. We will use these men to formulate a religion and establish doctrines that heap reproach and shame to the very processes God has in place for salvation. We'll establish our own process.

    We’ll inspire men to change the Bible and make it their own Bible. When they’re stuck on words, we’ll supply what's needed. We’ll slowly drown Jesus out of the picture while we single them out from others. When these men are under our complete control, we’ll exploit them and their doctrines bringing contempt to God.

    We’ll have the leaders convince their followers that they speak for God and then have them prophesy the end is coming time and again. With each failure, we’ll induce the leaders to punish their followers.

    We’ll let them learn God’s way only to have them rebel against it. Then we’ll confuse them to pieces, going back and forth with God’s way, from bad to good and back to bad, just like we did with the nation of Israel. Then when the dust settles, we’ll let the nations trample on them in mockery.

    We'll do further damage by copying the miracles of God through the doctrines of men just like we did in Egypt when Moses & Aaron threw their rod to the ground turning it into a snake and the men we empowered did the same with their rods, turning them to snakes. So it is now; Just as Christ's death and ransom paid for a man's sin, so we will inspire these men to write that the death of a sinful man himself has paid for his sin. Skin on behalf of skin. This will bring outrage and shame in heaven to the highest degree as we make Christ's death and ransom useless.

    We will compound their problems and have them contradict science and common sense and claim God forbids these people from saving their own lives. We’ll have them batter their women and rape their children, all the while telling the victims it’s their own fault.

    Then we’ll let the victims’ cry for help be heard only to let the world’s courts put them on public display for the world to see what a mockery they are. Finally, when the coffers of money of the most sinister of men we inspired have run dry, their pride will be their demise.

    This is our master plan to accomplish all of it:

    First, we'll bring an inspired statement to them that God has claimed them as his people by properly naming them as Jehovah's Witnesses to separate them from all others. This name will detract attention away from Jesus' name and will cause them to focus exclusively on the name Jehovah. Therein is our first mockery in that they rebuff the very instructions of God that plainly say about Jesus, "there is no salvation in anyone else, for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must get saved."

    As Jesus' name gradually gets used less and less, they'll need a different Bible in order to make all their doctrines believable. We'll let them add or delete words as they see fit in order to make the Bible read like their doctrines. This will obscure God's identity and minimize honor due to Jesus. We'll see to it that their Bible says that the men we have inspired are substitutes, replacing Christ. This will turn these men into leaders with the power of Christ and thereby give them control over all their followers. If they need help with any difficult passages for their new Bible, we can offer assistance.

    Doing all of this will, so far, single them out as different from all other Christian faiths so that when we begin to mock them, it will all clearly be heaped back on them as God's named Witnesses.

    Gradually, with their followers starting to believe everything their leaders say is as good as coming from God himself, we'll need to make sure it stays that way. We'll have their leaders eliminate or minimize the exposure they get to the outside world. They'll remove access to any type of independent or critical thinking by demonizing the idea, as well as demonizing going to college. We'll get them to minimize the time their followers have with family by convincing them that all holidays are bad and forbid them from running for any kind of political office lest they figure out how to motivate people for a change. The leaders will diminish the harmony of sounding like other Christian faiths by creating loaded-language that automatically triggers a predefined understanding of scripture and doctrine. We'll have to get them to control their followers' behavior, their information, their thoughts, and their emotions.

    Once this established, they'll need to cement their control in place, then emphasize to their followers that a relationship with God and happiness outside of the group is impossible by the use of fear-mongering, black and white thinking and us versus them mentality. We'll let those who are most sinister rise through the ranks of the esoteric knowledge of the way the organization really works in progressive stages to minimize the chances of moles and whistle-blowers. The worst thing that could happen is to have a bunch of them start waking up. To squelch this, we'll inspire them to create their own definition of apostasy, saying that teaching anything that is different than what they teach is apostasy and that apostates are unredeemable.

    With all these presets in mind, we can actually plop down in place all of them just as we see fit as the time goes by, but it won't prevent us from making a mockery of these people from the start.

    We begin by inspiring them to prophesy the end is coming on a specific date. Then, when the prophecy fails, we'll induce their leaders to mock their followers by blaming & shaming them for not following the Bible. Next, we'll help the leaders to write new doctrine declaring to their followers that God has revealed "new light", and they'll set another end date. This again will fail and the blaming and mocking will continue. They'll repeat this process and we'll let the nations mock them too. Through this process, we are winners either way. If the followers stay then we continue to abuse them. If they leave, some will lose their faith in God, or better yet, blame and curse God for all of it, just like we intended to do with Job. All those that fall prey to themselves by suicide are a bonus to us since the world will see that their faith has failed them. Worry not, very few will ever wake up.

    Another inspired statement of error we can incline in the hearts of these men is the belief that the Bible's theme is God's Kingdom, with Jesus as King along with the 144,000 ruling over paradise earth with of billions of people living on it. This is the perfect lure and is full of woes. We'll impel them to think the "unrighteous" mentioned in the Bible is anyone who dies before Armageddon, as well as all those who have died in the past that never got an opportunity to know God. Let it be, that these men will think that all those billions of people will be resurrected on earth after Armageddon and that all their sins, no matter what they were, won't be counted against them because we will incite them to believe that when you die you are acquitted from sin. This doctrine will make a mockery of the entire Kingdom, but their followers will not catch on. Instead, they will laud the grand wisdom, but their leaders will bring fraud to the scriptures as they twist them. But in truth, the doctrine is saying that God was incapable of giving billions of people any witness at all. This nullifies the entire process God has in place for the salvation of man! Neither God, nor Christ, or all his angels in heaven, nor all his faithful followers on the earth below could manage to give a single witness to billions of people. Then on top of that, with the doctrine saying Christ won't judge them based on their past lives because it's their death that acquitted them from sin, makes Christ's death meaningless! Mission accomplished! The "unrighteous" can say, in effect, "Why do I need Christ's death to cover my sins when I can do that all by myself automatically at the end of my life by dying?!" It gets better because even the faithful ones who survive Armageddon are still said to be in a sinful state. They believe there is some type of probationary period of 1,000 years where Christ is weighing in the balance their deeds of good or bad. This is perfect. It takes God's grace away completely by driving home the idea that all those years of faithful service AND passing God's inspection at Armageddon isn't enough, you must work harder. You're still considered woefully sinful and it's going to take 1,000 years of good deeds, and then you'll get tested a third time! This will bring the highest reproach to Christ's glory and imply he's an incompetent judge of men!

    Now, let us maximize our process to desecrate God's provision for salvation. Where there is no shepherd there is no protection. Let it be our resolve then to snatch the sheep out of Christ's right hand by hiding our master plan in plain sight. We will implant in the hearts and minds of these men our grand delusion. We will make them believe and be completely convinced they are teaching their followers to be true Christians while at the same time be completely rejecting Christ. We will do this by coercing them to reject being part of his New Covenant. We will carefully craft each teaching of doctrine to reject the New Covenant in every way. We will trespass the hearts of these men and seduce them to form doctrines to commit their followers to do the following:

    • reject the body and blood of Christ at their Memorials

    • reject Jesus' free gift of life by making them work for it

    • reject the declaration of being called righteousness by faith alone and make them work for it for more than 1,000 years

    • deny Jesus as their mediator

    • reject a life of immortality upon death in the heavens for a life forever conditional based on good deeds on earth

    • deny being brothers of Christ

    • deny full operation of the Holy Spirit upon them

    • deny being Sons of God

    • deny being born of God

    Thus, they will all deny the blood of Christ and thereby reject his Covenant. And so it is because we have blinded their minds with a thick veil and made them as unbelievers so that the light of the good news about the Christ will not shine through. They will deny being brothers of Christ and sons of God and deny being part of God's family. If they deny being family, then they are orphans and fatherless boys. Where this is no father there is no protection. And so it is, just as it is written, "they were skinned and thrown about like sheep without a shepherd."

    During all these days we'll add more woes to them with blasphemous condemnation and treachery. We will mock their very integrity by conniving betrayal. We will seduce the minds of men who so faithfully and skillfully draw and paint the masterful artwork that portrays the men who are pillars of their faith. We will force these men to posterize our faces and the faces of men into the very fabric of their work. They will also deform the head of Jesus and the body of Christ to resemble phallic symbols. All these treacheries will lie directly under the noses of their followers for years to come and nobody will stop us.

    Look! These men have concluded that the United Nations is our wild beast described in Revelation. We must persuade them to commit immorality with the UN by joining it. It will be an abomination and spiritual treason! We will excite their minds to the enticement that the UN has a world filled with an abundance of great knowledge and insight that will enable them to dazzle their followers for years to come, and access can be granted only by the membership. All that glitters is gold. We will taunt them until they join. Once they do, we will have the world expose them as hypocrites.


    Now that they have completely disgraced themselves, we will disgrace them ourselves. We will completely enslave them to our ways. We will forge in the minds of these men to teach debased things that we practiced before the flood. These men will write the most devious and twisted things for us that God forbids wives to divorce even if they are victims of acts of sodomy and bestiality! Then we will have them reverse what God forbids and have them mock their followers stating that they find it surprising that people would feel bestiality is not so bad. Then we will break up the marriages by inducing these men to write that all those married who practice anal/oral sex are doomed by God, but cannot divorce, then switch, saying they can divorce, then switch to "no", doomed by God. And all the while we'll tell them Jehovah is behind it all. Then we'll mock them to their faces by slyly telling them you'll never get bad advice from the Bible, but you will from humans.

    AND All the while the workings of menace are playing out, we'll put them through hell by having them write that God allows organ transplants. A few years later we will seduce them to write God forbids them, then, in the same year, tell them it's a personal choice. The really dedicated ones will die for their cause. Then again, we'll mock their intelligence by having them write you could be guilty before God for causing someone's death unintentionally. While we're at it, let's do the exact same thing with blood fractions, yes then no then yes and watch them die for their cause.

    For the women, we will do our worst. We will throw these men into a tempest of confusion and make them write twisted things as they struggle in defeat for God's understanding. We will make them distort the application of scripture from the truth, that a woman should do whatever she reasonably can, given the circumstances, to prevent rape, to mean that if a woman doesn't scream when she is being raped then she is consenting to it and is guilty before God. Then we'll make these men keep changing their minds so it goes something like a game of "To scream or not to scream?" Our timeline will play out like this on whether God considers you guilty based on whether you scream or not:

    1. July 1980: She is the one to decide.

    2. Oct 1980 if you don't scream you'll ruin your relationship with God!

    3. Mar 1983 hey, if you're forcibly raped you're not guilty, period.

    4. Feb 1984 your rapist is trying to get you to break God's law, even so, you should treat him understandingly, as a fellow human, but if you don't scream, you're consenting!

    5. Sep 1986 you'll just have to respond to your own assessment of the danger.

    6. Aug 1989 if you don't scream you're committing a sin against Jehovah!

    7. Mar 1993 You're not guilty of consenting at all. When people say a rape victim bears part of the blame unless she actively resists...that's just a myth.

    8. Dec 1998 Or is it...? Let me think...

    9. Feb 2003 OK, game over, the truth is, as long as you do whatever you can given the circumstances then you don't really have to worry about it.

    And with this, the women will cry out to God, "Why Me?!" And we will mock them!

    Next, induce them to condone the abuse of women. Set the stage early by having them humiliate women stating they are nothing but a bag of bones and hank of hair. Have them imply that an angry husband's outbursts are the woman's fault. Leave it that way and let it fester for years on end. During this time all the angels in heaven will mourn for them. Then, some of the more noble among them will help them to reach the conclusion that the abuser is responsible and not the woman. Let this be, as these men will make sure they use the Bible to clearly prove this is God's view of domestic abuse. Then, just as soon as this has been established, we'll seduce them to turn on their very words and mock God's view. We will make them write suggesting that if a husband hits his wife, then she's the one who should adjust her thinking and stop feeling sorry for herself. When the women follow this advice the men will beat them more and more. This will in time, make the situation dire and some of the wive's lives will be in danger. We will turn to the pen again and have them write and make the wives think God is giving them an ultimatum, saying, while some wives might leave their unbelieving husbands for this, a truly loyal JW wife would conclude staying is worthwhile if it causes him to become a JW after all. And now, finally, push the wives over the edge by having it suggested that her children will be "unclean" in God's eyes if she leaves him! Seal the deal with them stating that happy couples are the ones with loyal wives and there are millions of them proving the truthfulness of God's words that "the two will become one flesh." Then we turn to the heavens and mock the Kingdom for all it's worth!

    We're not done. There's more. Finally, we give them another inspired statement of error; the notion that God can't protect his own name. Let them think that because they carry God's name as a banner for their religion, that they're the guardians in charge to protect his name. The uncertainties will mound. Surely there will be many who fall to sinister ways in their ranks, doing things that make a mockery of their clean image. Where there is a victim, there is a perpetrator. The only problem is convincing them to silence the victims because the victims will surely cry out for justice.

    Hmmm. The only victims easy silenced are children. The leadership most contritely don't want any cases of child abuse reported among them, especially after bashing The Catholic Church all those years. That's it then, we'll force them to choose between defending God's name or protecting their most vulnerable. I have a plan...

    The plan will be done in two stages. First, have them coverup every case of abuse. Have them threaten their followers that going to the authorities brings reproach on Jehovah. Have them disfellowship all who refuse to obey. This process will compound the problem and the parents will scream for help. Have them pound their fists on the tables and demand that their followers submit, repeatedly informing them that this is Jehovah's way! We'll convince their leaders that they can't let any victims drag Jehovah's name in the mud. We'll drive them completely insane over the issue of protecting God's name. We'll put fire in their eyes so much so that it will tear families apart over the issue. This setup will keep it under wraps for decades. And all the while, the entire process mocks the very name they're trying to protect!

    Now, the second part. First, we use the world to drag some of their highest ranking leaders into court. Once there, the courts will expose and humiliate them, showing their process for handling child abuse to be a complete mockery for any institution. We'll see to it that we pick a country that plays court hearings on live TV as part of their national news. This court will school them that it's not the victim who brings reproach on God's name, but the abuser does. Then, by nature and because of their deep seated pride, the leaders will relentlessly stick to their policies and procedures and make replies that they were just following orders, and all the while the judge will be pleading with them to understand they've got it all backward. Then this court will subpoena all their secret handbooks and internal memos and put them all on display for the world to see. The evidence will be so overwhelming their leaders will lie left and right to save their ass! This makes a complete mockery of them. But we're not done with them yet. Then, news of this will spread and the courts of the world will start to catch on. Official inquiries will be launched in various lands and the lawsuits will begin mounting. After this will come wave after wave of child abuse lawsuits. Panic will ensue. Their coffers will begin to run dry. Then their innate desire for survival will kick in and they will resort to reversing their doctrine. And then we'll make them write it out, not just once, but twice, just as the judge pleaded, "that it is the abuser who brings reproach on Jehovah's name." Then the mockery will climax as syndicates and independents bash them for the blatant stupidity of maintaining for decades that the victim brought reproach on Jehovah's name for seeking help by reporting it.

    And now, the finally, after a brief time, their leaders will grow desperately weary as the reversal did not stem the tide of lawsuits. Then more panic will ensue and a debilitating fear will grip them as they speculate that this could mean their end. Then the biggest folly of them all will come to pass.

    With the expectation of their demise, the thoughts of these men will make them finally see their fall as a humiliation higher than the heavens themselves. In a vain attempt, they will beseech their God. They will secretly wail and cry day and night. They will beg and implore their God Jehovah. But he will not listen, because they never listened to him, they only listened to us!

  • zeb


    Pity you could not have put this to the CARC but you can fwd it to the Canadian class action.

  • DesirousOfChange
  • Vanderhoven7

    Reminds me of Screwtape letters by C. S. Lewis.

  • john.prestor

    So when you say we, you're talking like you're what, demons? Like who's supposedly saying all this, the Illuminati, the Lizard People?

  • Finkelstein

    The GB and past presidents of the WTS controlled themselves in their endeavor to empower themselves as the chosen ones channeling direction from god's holy spirit.

    They succeed in that self empowerment through their own literature publications, in spite of being fraudulent.

    Eventually "The Truth " exposed them as false Prophets people who Jesus himself said not listen to.

  • jwleaks

    Who Really Controls the Governing Body?

    We do!

  • eyeuse2badub

    I truly believe that the GB has to be wondering the same thing!

    just saying!

  • LevelThePlayingField

    The "we" in the OP is, yes, the Devil and his demons, sorry.

    It's just a theory I have.

    Bottom Line: When you look at all the teachings of the JW's and the way their predictions fail, how they blame their member for not following the Bible, how other teachings lead to people's death and so on, the only conclusion that seems to make sense is, well, the damn Devil.

    But hey, that's what this forum is for, right?

  • blondie

    Just like BOEs, the GB is controlled by the most strong personalities on the body and the rest go along to make peace. It is politics and by the time a man is appointed to the GB, he has been molded to accept what ever the older members have carved out for themselves.

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