cleveland ohio RC notes

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  • nowwhat?

    Peak attendance 7100. Baptised 38 mixed bag of old and young. Youngest age 10. Saw no brothers with beards. Better than average .50% growth

  • nowwhat?

    Btw the middle age couple in front of me were doing literally non stop notes. They wrote down everything word for word. Only stopping when there was a video showing. Sheesh!

  • sparrowdown

    Is that 50% growth? Of baptisms or attendance?

  • nowwhat?

    Baptisms. Also If anyone cares no clapping during songs

  • sparrowdown

    Awe, whaaat no clapping, boooo

  • Crazyguy

    Old people getting baptized, that's odd.

  • steve2

    Some confusion over percentages here.

    38 were baptized with a peak attendance of 7,100. Thus, for every 1,000 in attendance, 5 were baptized.

    We cannot talk of the percentage baptized in terms of growth or decline - because we'd have to compare it with previous baptismal numbers and peak attendances in that region.

  • smiddy

    Maybe Cleveland Ohio is more blessed than anywhere else on earth ,werent they prophesised in the Bible according to the revelation Book ?

    Just saying.

  • shepherdless

    Thanks nowwhat.

    0.5% baptisms is a little higher than typical in recent times. Do you happen to know the attendance for last year? The reason I ask is that I have read a suggestion or two of lower attendances at some RC's in USA, this year.

  • nowwhat?

    We have had the same venue for years. They used to squeeze in 10,000 or more .but to be fair they closed off the sections behind the stage this year

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