No more hour requirements for pioneers

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  • minimus

    So what are the new qualifications to become a pioneer?

  • Overrated

    Just makes me want to return to Jeehober. Where I can do nothing at all but with a title . I'll. make elder for sure.

  • Queequeg

    So many pioneers fudged on their hours anyway. Now they can be honest.


    How do you determine which pedos are “exemplary” and need to be appointed as Ministerial Servants if they don’t get 10 hrs a month for at least a year??

    How can the Holy Spirit know who to promote??


  • oppostate
    I think Atlantis received a 2020 letter pertaining to regular pioneers, but it is in Portuguese, so I am not sure what it says. If someone who speaks Portuguese wants the letter, I'll send a link to them and maybe they could clue us in on what it says.

    Hi Petra (& Atlantis), Eu falo português, I speak portuguese,

    well Fall River Mass., Azorean variety that is, but it can't be

    that different from Brazilian Portuguese. Send me the letter

    and I'll translate it.

  • asp59


    In watchtower in the 90s it was recommended that if you lookt at children in a sexual way . That person should not seek for being appointed. Sounds crazy but Org just see it like another sin and nothing more. Like if you are alcoholist dont be around whisky bottles i guess.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    This is from the 90s - they even say paedophilia is a crime.

    Reading this I thought, yes not only is the betrayal of a child damaging but the betrayal of a trusting adult - you know the ones who believed this was a Christian organisation, then found out it was run by hypocrites who were taking advantage of them.

    *** g99 4/8 pp. 6-7 The Crisis Is Worldwide ***

    Betrayed by Those They Trusted

    Betrayal of a child’s trust can leave terrible scars. This is especially true when it is a parent, friend, or mentor who betrays the child’s trust. The magnitude of child abuse by parents can be seen from the flood of phone calls received by a hot line after the broadcast of a program called “Scared Silent: Exposing and Ending Child Abuse,” which was hosted by talk-show personality Oprah Winfrey in the United States. “The most shocking crisis calls were from young children, calling in fear, wanting to escape the pain of physical or sexual abuse,” noted executive producer Arnold Shapiro, as quoted in the journal Children Today.
    This event did much to dispel the notion that child abusers are big scary strangers. The fact is that “the vast majority of abuse is perpetrated by parents and other close relatives,” concludes Shapiro. Other research confirms this finding and also indicates that trusted family friends have at times groomed the child and family for later, well-planned abuse of the child. Incest is the most shocking betrayal of trust.
    Sexual abuse by pedophiles is another threat to children throughout the world. Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice gives this definition: “Paedophilia refers to sexual attraction towards the very young. . . . Paedophilia invariably involves the commission of crimes such as sexual assault, indecency and offences relating to child pornography.”
    Sickening reports of pedophile rings, which greedily exploit children sexually, are flooding in from all over the world. (See the box on page 7.) The victims are both young boys and young girls. Lured by unscrupulous men, they are sexually abused and then threatened or lavishly spoiled to encourage them to remain with the “club.” The men who plan and perform these vile acts are often prominent leaders of the community and sometimes do so with the full knowledge and protection of the police and the judiciary.
    Sexual abuse of children by clergymen is also causing outrage. News reports from all over the world reveal the extent of child abuse by clergymen, sometimes even in the name of God. For example, a convicted Anglican priest told his ten-year-old victim that “God was speaking through him [the clergyman], and anything he did or anything [the boy] did was loved by God and therefore right.”
    In Australia a review of the book The Battle and the Backlash: The Child Sexual Abuse War commented on child abuse by clergymen and others in positions of trust. It said that the organizations involved appeared to be concerned with limiting the damage to their own image and protecting themselves rather than protecting vulnerable children.

    Devastating Effects
    A child’s trust is usually given completely, without reservation. So if that trust is betrayed, it has a devastating impact on an unsuspecting young mind. The publication Child Abuse & Neglect notes: “Persons and places that previously signaled safety or support have become associated with danger and fear. The child’s world becomes less predictable and controllable.”
    As a result of such abuse, much of which has gone on for many years, some children have developed social and psychiatric problems later in life, well into adulthood. This betrayal of trust is so damaging because a child has been taken advantage of because he or she is a child. Yet, many children who are abused never report the matter—a fact that child abusers rely heavily on.
    In recent years, evidence of worldwide child abuse has been growing, so that today there is a mountain of such evidence that can no longer be denied or ignored. But most agree that the elimination of child abuse is a formidable task. So these questions arise: Is there anyone who can really protect our children? How can those of us who are parents protect our God-given heritage and look after the lives of our vulnerable young children? To whom can parents turn for help?

  • Atlantis


    Yes Sir, coming right up! I have already sent the letter to your email. (oppostate will clue us in on the details.)


  • JWPrince

    I love how they take credit for a decision to retire the old bus after the bus had already run off the road into a ditch and was totaled. "We have now decided to suspend pioneer hour requirements"...WTF else were they going to do? There is no more door to door activity. "There will be no meetings until further notice" shit Sherlock. The whole fucking world is locked down. These clowns take credit for the sun coming up every if they had anything to do with it.

  • Betheliesalot

    They now have daily meetings for FS and after 10 minutes break off into car group "rooms" and make believe they are driving around getting time in. I think this org has lost its collective mind and making up rules on the fly. They are becoming so pathetic, that I can see them actually coming up with a "Jim Jones" solution that they will feed to their uber flock if the GT doesn't start soon...

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