any JW construction going on other than Warwick?

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    My wife drove 4 hrs to "interview" for this construction farce. She car-pooled with some Eldubs wives, and they went for drinks, lunch, and made a day of it!

    Number of projects participated in since the "interview process" one year ago: ZERO


  • rebelfighter
    There was big one built in Riverview, Florida two years ago.
  • Magnum
    Thanks for the input. Can somebody please tell me how we first heard about the halt/slowdown? Was it an announcement? An internal memo? What? Sorry that I can't remember and can't find any threads that indicate how.
  • Pioneerbot
    Magnum the elders all went to a special meeting held via video uplink to tell them about the changes. I think that was January of 2015. Then they released a video to JW broadcasting for the rank and file.
  • James Jack
    James Jack

    A week before the Annual Meeting at all the Bethel Branches for Morning Worship,

    Bro. Heard explained the slowdown in construction was to "re-group, to focus better on using the Lord's finances and concentrate on giving the Preaching Work first priority"!

    At the Annual Meeting, he stated this again, but then included Bethel Staff reductions to be re-assigned back into the Field and a Major reduction in Special Pioneers.

  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift
    I'm still in shock that they shut down the branch and sold relatively new Kingdom halls brothers in rural parts could be traveling nearly an hour to the next nearest hall....costing them personally more money but still the borg (maybe we should call them Oliver) wants more cash please sir. ...
  • DesirousOfChange

    Reviving this post to see if anyone is aware of any new Kingdom Halls being built?

  • Magnum
    DOC, I'd like an update on this, too. So, what's going on (or, not going on) out there, folks?

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