any JW construction going on other than Warwick?

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  • Magnum

    Is anybody aware of any Kingdom Hall builds going on or any kind of LDC activity? I've been wanting to ask this, and committeechairman's question at the end of this thread,, moved me to go ahead and ask.

    I've kind of wondered whether the org leaders got rid of RBCs and instituted the LDC arrangement because they wanted to be able to stop or slow down construction without it being obvious. Think about it. If the RBCs were still in existence, it would be obvious that there's nothing (or almost nothing) going on (if that really is the way it is) because RBC personnel would be idle when they were used to being busy. Not long ago, the RBC in my area was very busy with many projects lined up. If all of a sudden they'd had nothing to do, it might have been obvious that something was wrong. However, under the LDC arrangement, it's not so obvious. JWs probably just assume that there's work going on somewhere, and nobody really seems to know.

    So can anybody provide some input? Does anybody know of any work going on?

    I can't find the threads on the halt/slowdown that was discussed on this site fairly recently. Was the halt/slowdown thing ever announced officially? Was it stated that Kingdom Hall construction would be slowed down or halted? If so, was this information ever provided to the rank and file? If I remember correctly, Herd's video announcement was about cutbacks of special pioneers, not construction.


    Probably not. The WTBTS is busy with Pedo-cases and trying to duck out on a promise to rehab a park in the DUMBO area of NYC.


  • brandnew

    Nothin here magnum, seen a congo go from 55, to about 20 publishers on sundays.... Weekday meetings are just hillarious.

  • konceptual99
    Yes. The British branch build is getting going again.
  • Magnum

    Thanks for the input.

    Brandnew, I suspect that a lot of congregations are stagnant or decreasing in attendance, so it seems that there would not be a need for more KHs, but I don't think they're really going by local need anymore. I think the goal is to get rid of the old style and build the newer commercial type buildings because they think doing that would be better investment strategy.

    My memory is not serving me well. How did we find about the supposed halt/slowdown? Was it ever confirmed? Interestingly, here's a thread from 7 yrs ago about a rumored KH construction halt

    and here's one from 14 yrs ago


  • DesirousOfChange

    In the Midwestern USA all I hear about is small congregations being shut down and consolidated and the sale of Kingdom Halls. I can think of 7 in the past few years that are gone.


    ALL SING: Wondrous expansion is now taking place. . . . . .

  • brandnew
    Wouldnt you want to keep kingdumb hells handy for expected growth instead of selling them? Must not be expectin growth☺.
  • pepperheart
    they have got to sell khs off though to get money for them and long may it continue
  • Ignoranceisbliss

    Miami area got a new style build recently. I've seen a few via Instagram but they seem to be real spread out



    The WTBTS has a shit-ton of "construction projects" on the books. What exactly is a "construction project" anyway?


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