Hurricane Harvey JW Victims - Keep trusting in Jehovah’s loving arm of support.

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  • Funchback
    Not a peep about all victims, not even a prayer for them. Only pray for JWs.

    And who or what is Jehovah's loving arm of support? If it's God, can't they just say "trust Jehovah"? If it's the Governing Body, are folks to put trust in man?

    Ok...Rant over. Here's the article from their site (link is at the bottom).

    BREAKING NEWS | Hurricane Harvey Strikes the Gulf Coast of Texas, USA

    Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the coastal city of Rockport, Texas, as a Category 4 storm on Friday, August 25. Although now categorized as a tropical storm, Harvey continues to devastate large portions of Texas from Corpus Christi to Houston. Experts forecast little change in strength over the next few days.

    As of Sunday evening, August 27, there were no deaths among the brothers and sisters. However, there were four storm-related injuries reported. Commendably, the brothers living in areas impacted by the storm cooperated with the direction to evacuate. A total of 4,141 publishers are currently displaced from their homes, and it is anticipated that more families will be displaced as the storm continues.

    We keep our brothers and sisters who are affected by this storm in our prayers, while monitoring the situation in order to provide assistance. We also urge them to keep trusting in Jehovah’s loving arm of support.—Psalm 55:8, 22; Isaiah 33:2; 40:11.

  • stuckinarut2

    The selfishness is deplorable!

    For an organisation that claims to want to save as many as possible, and is characterised by love, that article is appalling.

  • ToesUp

    Typical JW concern. No concern for anyone else out of the JW bubble!

    We even have JW family that will go the extra mile for those in their congregations but NOTHING for the family. We all get NOTHING. If you are not "spiritual" enough, they dismiss you. NOW, if they need something like a favor or they need money, they will find you immediately! Funny how that works!

  • EverApostate

    So Jehovah doesn't prevent the mounting disaster, but offers his arm of support. True that only Zombies can swallow such reasoning.

  • steve2

    We keep our brothers and sisters who are affected by this storm in our prayers, while monitoring the situation in order to provide assistance.

    What's the point of keeping people already affected by the storm in your prayers? They've already been affected.

    If God cannot or will not protect them from the storm, why expect him to do the lesser deed in answering your prayer?

    The recourse to prayer following a disaster bugs me big time.

    A woman interviewed for the news on TV spoke glowingly of God's hand in sparing her and her children. For the record she and her children were saved by local rescuers - not by God. She said nothing about God's hand - or lack of it - in not sparing six other people in her locality who died in the storm.

  • eyeuse2badub

    If all those hundred of thousands of prayers and letters didn't help jw's in Russia, it don't seem fair that jehober would answer the prayers for the american jw's. But then again, jw's are an american religion so maybe jehober will hear these prayers. lol NOT

    just saying!

  • LongHairGal

    TOES UP:

    Yes, it's true JWs have no real concern for anybody outside their bubble.

    Not having had family in the religion (thankfully) I cannot imagine dealing with JW family who shunned me and then imagine they are going to ask for money. How do you deal with it? Do you give them money? I guess it might depend on the extent of their shunning and how long it went on and how damaged you were, etc.

    If it were me, I might help them if they were in dire need (only because they are blood relatives - any other JW shunning hypocrite can go to hell). I would explain that since they want to practice their shunning routine and not have a normal relationship, they are going to have to ask somebody ELSE for money next time and they better make a list of phone numbers of their "spiritual" friends who they can call.

  • smiddy

    Jehovahs Witness reasoning.: Why they dont help worldly people in times of disasters

    Non JW`s are going to be destroyed by Jehovah any day now if I /we give any support to these people we will be helping Satans people .And this disaster just might be the pre-cursor to the Great tribulation/Armageddon that is imminent/just around the corner.

  • truth_b_known

    The organization and it's assets will always be used for one sole purpose - supporting the organization.

    My father was once scolded by an elder for making the statement that, if he were independently wealthy, he would fly aid in to areas effected by natural disaster to give relief to the brothers. The elder told him that the proper thing would be to donate to the organization who would best decide how to use the funds.

  • FedUpJW

    any other JW... .hypocrite can go to hell

    Agreed...X 100.

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