ANGOLA - JW Regional Convention target of attack.

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  • LV101

    The WT crooks will only be concerned if the collection boxes were lacking. When have they had concern for victims?! They're merciless and have caused needless deaths and suffering to their adherents time and time again.

    Just horrifying what happened at this convention.

  • steve2

    Has any of this been reported by news media outside of Angola?

  • darkspilver

    In my post above - I made a mistake on the link for the second news report - it should be:

    though the above seems to have taken it from:

    Has any of this been reported by news media outside of Angola?

    My above -corrected- link (to Deolhon News) appears to be from a Brazilian news outlet? (ie, also Portuguese-speaking as per Angola)

    Really though A LOT of 'internal' stuff from loads of countries does not get reported outside those countries.

    Also, as no one appears to have actually died, it becomes less 'news-worthy' - but that's the nature of news unfortunately.

    The known facts (Convention date/location) match up, the pictures also look reasonable.

    The story WAS featured online by O Pais, which I believe is also a print newsaper in Angola? (so not just a one-person-blog)

    I checked out the OP's link which was to a webpage that was merely repeating what O Pais said - basically O Pais appeared to the original source, which is why I linked to it in my own OP.

    I also understand that O Pais featured the story on the front cover of their PRINT (?) version - as per below:

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    While not trying to encourage any violence on anyone, I think such violence an indication of the helplessness the WT has in allowing them to have any more conventions in that particular part of the world. I think they should call off in one country after another sizable conventions especially as their notoriously cruel nature becomes wide spread knowledge over the internet.

    I can see the need for special security to be used where ever to make sure no one gets hurt in many culture and countries as only reasonable and the Russian Legal claim that Watchtower Corporation is an extremist organization will be given some wait here and reasonable precaution be used to insure safety of member of the mind control cult from rival factions of people control/terrorist.

  • stuckinarut2

    This will be the lead story on jaydubdotorg in the news section now. Followed by updates on the situation in Russia...

    As sad as it is, The GB will view it as another welcome distraction from the negative press happening worldwide with issues like the Australian Royal Commission and the child abuse cases etc....

  • Alfred

    Konceptual99 wrote...

    1. I doubt it. Even the GB are not completely without some level of compassion. Sure the persecution card is likely to be played but I am sure they have a level of concern for the victims.

    2. (OT) Why is it US English uses the phrase "could care less"? It's "couldn't care less". Which of the following statements makes logical sense? "The GB could care less about the victims" or "The GB could not care less about the victims". **steps off soap box**

    To which I reply.

    1. Thanks for your opinion about the 7 narcissistic gluttons in New York.

    2. It's a commonly used colloquial idiom (not necessarily intended to have rigidly precise sentence structure that will appeal to the British Grammar Police). It's kinda when Brits use senseless phrases like "she fell arse over tit" or "bugger off" or "Any road" (instead of "Anyway")... Anyway, I digress... I'm not about to get all "Argy-Bargy" over it.

  • Giordano

    Apparently these young men were angry that the JW's didn't vote in the recent election.

    A very harmful attack on everyone in attendance especially the young and old. Totally unnecessary. I hope the Branch recommends that bomb sniffing dogs should be working the event in dangerous locations. The JW's are a very soft target.

    I also agree that the leadership of the WTBTS has always been reckless with the welfare of it's followers.....they really don't seem to care if their new or old light causes pain and suffering.

  • sparrowdown

    The fact that JWs don't vote possibly also means there is no incentive for less than scrupulous third world public officals and authorites to go out of their way to protect them.

  • careful
  • darkspilver

    An English news report:

    Hmmm, yes, thanks - but, as per your username, please be careful and remember.....

    Sahara Reporters said: "A local news source, Portal de Angola, reported on Saturday that....

    Portal de Angola: credited thier entire story plus picture O Pais, which they put into brackets at the end

    O Pais (The Country) - is apparently the original news report - and also included the article in the print newspaper version (copied again below, showing front page tag-line to inside story)

    So you see - yes three articles (two in Portuguese, one in English) - but they are not each independent reports - they all actually originate from the one same source - and two of them are merely 're-hashing' the story and I don't believe are adding anything new or unique to it (??).

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