ANGOLA - JW Regional Convention target of attack.

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  • EdenOne

    According to news sources in Luanda, Angola (read it here, although it's in Portuguese language), a regional convention of the JW's taking place this weekend at the outskirts of capital Luanda was targeted yesterday, friday, by what may be described as a 'terrorist attack'.

    More than 400 attendees (mostly female) passed out in rapid succession in the vicinity of a toilet at the convention place. Reportedly, toxic gas devices were planted there by 3 young members of UNITA, the main political party that opposed MPLA, the dominant regime party in Angola since its independence in 1975. 43 people were rushed to the hospital and a few remain there, under medical surveillance. No deaths were reported.

    The attack seems to be a retaliation for the fact that JW's do not vote - and Angola just underwent presidential elections during last week. 3 perpetrators were seized by the police while trying to change clothes at the convention hall, and 2 more are being hunted down.

  • FedUpJW

    Reportedly, toxic gas devices were planted there....

    Okay, I know this is a serious topic and I probably shouldn't see humor in it, however I have to say that I have passed by some regional convention toilet rooms that would have gagged a maggot. Sometimes the "cleanest" people on earth just ain't so clean.

  • LV101

    Scary, EdenOne. Thanks for sharing the info.

  • darkspilver

    There are four Regional Conventions taking place in Angola this weekend (25 to 27 August 2017), including two in Portuguese in Luanda: It appears that the attack took place at the Salão de Assembleias de Viana, Rua 28 de Maio, Luanda. The other convention that was taking place in Lucanda at the same time was being held at the Salão de Assembleias da Cuca, Rua Ngola Kiluanje, Luanda.

    This was featured on the front page of Angola's O Pais (The Country) daily newspaper newspaper

    More than 400 believers faint at Jehovah's congress

    O Pais, Saturday, August 26, 2017 (via Google Translate)

    With help from Jehovah's Witnesses, National Police forces yesterday detained three young men who were supposed to have spread the toxic substance that led to their demise.

    More than 400 faithful of Jehovah's Witnesses Church collapsed yesterday during the opening ceremony of the annual congress of this religious congregation that takes place in the temple of Viana, in Luanda, when inhaling toxic substance. The deaths occurred at 9 o'clock, with some women among the seven thousand faithful who came to the compound (with capacity for 11 thousand souls) for the purpose of attending the congress that will end tomorrow.

    Abraham Kituxi, one of the eyewitnesses, revealed that one of the first people to go unconscious and fell unconscious was a sister-in-law, that is, the Magui who was immediately referred to the Cazenga municipal hospital, where she was assisted. "Before, she had said she was feeling uncomfortable with an unpleasant smell and I assumed it would have been some of the garbage from the solid waste collection trucks that passed near the temple," he said. Even so, when he passed out, he did not take it too seriously, considering it to be one of those crises that afflict him when he inhales some very active smell, and regardless of chemical composition, he recovers easily.

    But his deduction fell to the ground as he suddenly saw other people occupying the last seats next to Magui, complaining of the same annoyance, others even falling in a cascade. The fact married a generalized panic among the community that attended the lecture on the theme "do not give up". Those who resisted complained of chest pains and the people nearby asked for water to drink. Those in charge of the congregation immediately called on the police and firefighters who sent four ambulances and three patrolmen who joined the faithful evacuating the patients in private vehicles to the nearest health facilities, such as the Cazenga Municipal Hospital and the Cajueiros Hospital.

    Police arrested alleged offenders

    The toxic product that triggered the situation will have been spread by a group presumably consisting of seven individuals of legal age, three of whom are already in police custody. After some of their attempts were made, some went to one of the changing rooms to change their clothes so as not to be recognized, but for their great bad luck, the ominous odor provoked the same reaction to the faithful who performed the protocol service To the entrance of these enclosures.

    "One of the accused was detained in one of the changing rooms, the other trying to enter one of the ladies' bathrooms with the same purpose and the third to cross the gate," said Manuel Ricardo, another eyewitness. All did not display the badges that were distributed to the participants in the event by the organization, and one of them was carrying a folder containing several pieces of clothing. The toxic substance that caused the fainting, whose chemical composition has not yet been determined, was in containers of 750 thousand liters of different colors, spread in strategic places, already in the possession of the experts of the Provincial Service of Criminal Investigation of Luanda and the Central Laboratory of Criminalistics.

    Demarcations of fainting in schools

    The clinical director of the Cazenga Municipal Hospital, Panda Dombaixi, revealed to the OPAIS that of the 45 patients who attended, aged over 15 years, some complained of shortness of breath, chest pain and had purple eyes. Most were recovered in the hospital yard and those who appeared to be in a more serious condition were delivered to the ward. "Clinically they were not worrisome because some patients were recovering as they talked to the medical staff. Some even only with exposure to natural oxygen, "he explained.

    The doctor Panda Dombaixi also explained that this occurrence is not associated with the faints that occurred in the schools, although the real causes still have to be ascertained. "Usually when mass faints occur, it is almost always associated with a gas, because this product disperses easily in the air. We just can not pinpoint exactly what kind of gas they have inhaled, but they sure will have inhaled, "he said.


    Jehovah's Witnesses: More than 400 faithful pass out during "Do not Give Up"

    Deolho News, Saturday August 26, 2017 (via Google Translate)

    Jehovah's Witnesses faint as they inhale toxic substance

    Jehovah's Witnesses: More than 400 faithful of Jehovah's Witnesses collapsed when they inhaled a toxic substance yesterday during the annual congress that was taking place in the Assembly Hall in the city of Luanda, Angola's capital, according to information from Portal de Angola.

    The faints occurred around 9 o'clock, most of them women and children, among the more than seven thousand faithful who were in the place.

    The fact married a widespread panic among the faithful who attended the lecture with the theme "do not give up". Those who resisted complained of chest pains and the people nearby asked for water to drink.

    Those responsible for the congregation immediately called on the police and firefighters who sent four ambulances and three patrolmen who joined the faithful evacuating patients in private cars to the nearest health facilities.

    The toxic product that caused the situation would have been spread by a group presumably comprised of seven major individuals, three of whom are already in police custody.

    Jehovah's Witnesses is a Christian religion, where believers are followers of Jesus, but believe that they are a restoration of that of Christianity that was practiced in the first century. All of its doctrines and teachings are based on the Bible, and religion is present in more than 230 countries worldwide.

    Initially the group was known as Bible Students, but in 1931 they adopted the name Jehovah's Witnesses, based on the verses in Isaiah 43: 10-12. Contrary to what many people think, Jehovah's Witnesses are not Protestants, but are meant to obey the teachings of Jesus Christ, who is considered the founder of this religious organization.

    Jehovah also appears in the Bible of the Catholic Church, but appears in tetragrammaton form, a word that was written without vowels, YHWH, and was translated to Jehovah.


    Video - please note that I can not confirm the veracity of this footage, though it appears to be genuine:

  • smiddy

    If Jehovahs Witnesses ever thought that since Jesus Christ is ruling from the heavens since 1914, 103 years now ,they would be protected from whatever happens in this world ,they have a wake up call.

    Jehovahs witnesses are no more protected than anybody else from extemist .terroist, or anybody else who wants to target you either individually or as a group.

    I guess the KH`s will fill to overflowing in this region for the next few months now.

    Just saying.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Wow, that's terrible. Hopefully no one is injured permanently.

  • Alfred

    This is the kind of publicity that the Governing Body constantly craves. They could care less about the innocent victims. As long as they can use this to monopolize the "persecution" arena, that's all they care about. I'm sure they're grinning ear-to-ear right now.

  • darkspilver

    Some more coverage:

    Supposed UNITA militants intoxicate Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Assembly

    Angola-Online, Saturday, August 27, 2017 (via Google Translate)

    More than 100 people, including several children, collapsed yesterday in the Hall of the Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses, located in Gamek, Viana municipality, in Luanda. Two of the five responsible for intoxication claim to be from UNITA.

    Yesterday afternoon was a day of terror for Jehovah's Witnesses, who were attending the first day of Regional Congress, in the Assembly Hall, located on the outskirts of the Combal, Gamek, in Viana. More than 100 people, mostly women, fainted after using the bathroom. The panic was installed, and many people fainted as they walked, the more than 13 ambulances that quickly arrived to the scene to help the victims, were insufficient.

    Children and adults were passed out, even throwing them water did not wake up. And the solution was to take the victims with vehicles that were parked in the parking lot of the religious institution.

    Sources from Angola-Online report that the Rapid National Police rushed to the scene and arrested two of the five young men responsible for poisoning. According to the youth who say they are UNITA militants, they were motivated to carry out the attack by the last results of the general elections released yesterday morning by the National Electoral Commission, and by the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses did not vote.

    Three other suspects responsible for the act are outlawed, and the police are doing everything to stop them.


  • konceptual99
    This is the kind of publicity that the Governing Body constantly craves. They could care less about the innocent victims. As long as they can use this to monopolize the "persecution" arena, that's all they care about. I'm sure they're grinning ear-to-ear right now.

    1. I doubt it. Even the GB are not completely without some level of compassion. Sure the persecution card is likely to be played but I am sure they have a level of concern for the victims.

    2. (OT) Why is it US English uses the phrase "could care less"? It's "couldn't care less". Which of the following statements makes logical sense? "The GB could care less about the victims" or "The GB could not care less about the victims". **steps off soap box**

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    I think it is completely nonsensical that an organization can make it compulsory for thousands of people to meet together in one single place in one of the most dangerous countries of the planet without taking the measure to guarantee their security with a well trained government police unity.

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