Did anyone else have a JW "sliding doors" moment when they made the wrong call.

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  • zeb

    your accounts are tragic but warming.

    That in all your despair you folk have not lost your humanity.

    I love you all.

    But that is my passive response then there is this. Please dont betray yourselves when you have done your college or got a promotion or simply worked at some job or career and you have some small bounty behind you ... then consider this: when asked for your hard earned money,for when the nasty pro wt parents comer begging suggest they ask their elders or write to the wts for money as your situation (funds) is fully committed.

    Expect the fireworks and emotional blackmail and probably with Armageddon thrown in as well but in denying you remain true to yourselves and you will walk tall.

    Until last year I donated regular to Medicine san Frontiers for its own sake and by their own figures saved some 60 people from death by cholera. Consider a small regular donation to such a body and it is indeed a most worthy operation. and... and for us ex jw a veritable and solid challenge to any uber witness who says the t is the only way to help people.

    sleep well dear friends you are at peace with yourselves.

    and as always,

    live longer prosper in wisdom and health

  • eyeuse2badub

    I think a bunch of us here can relate. Wish we could relive all those years of f*cking misery with what we know now. The most important thing is that we are now free!

    just saying!

  • SadElder

    How sad that the dubs by and large are such jerks. High and mighty opinions of themselves looking down on everyone else. Now you're free and more at peace.

    Years ago during the construction of one of the assembly halls I served on the assembly hall committee. This of course had a great impact on my field service presence. One of the "holier then thou" elders started making an issue that I wasn't taking the lead. So every few weeks I came and conducted the meeting for field service but dressed for work at the assembly hall. Of course this was not good enough for Mr. Holier, so he started making an issue of that too, no tie at the Kingdom Hall you know. The very next meeting after one of his diatribes, since I was secretary I brought all the secretary things to the meeting and dropped them in the lap of the PO. At the Assembly Hall overseers meeting I resigned from my position. Unbeknown to me the assembly hall committee via the Brooklyn Service Desk called all the elders in our congregation to a special meeting with the CO and DO and read the elders the riot act. They wanted to know what contribution they were making to help complete the assembly hall? Of course the elder body sat there with a thumb up their behinds not knowing what to say. Needless to say they went home with blistered backsides and I remained on the committee. I told the body to keep the secretary job. When the assembly hall was completed we sold our house and moved away, the beginning of our fade. Those were the days, now we have better ones.

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