"not doing well spiritually"

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  • jookbeard

    its a great label isnt it, I was tarnished with a label of " he may have been in the truth but was never part of it" in my JC, I used to like "running ahead of the organisation, or he is not showing humility" other words used to judge someone are "chided or rebuked"

  • Lostwun

    I’ll never forget being called a “maverick” because i would make my own travel plans and arrangements instead of following the traditional method of writing bethel along with sending a letter of introduction from my BOA in order to get any information or qualify for the “privilege”of being told by them where to serve where the need is great. It was always a control thing with this organization

  • LongHairGal


    When they told you to be "less materialistic", were you working at a decent job? That's how they felt about me. Meanwhile, I was looking out for myself and had to work to support myself.

    I'm so glad I never listened to these idiots and am retired now. I don't even want these people around me.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    LHG : HA ! That former JW bike partner friend I had before 'Studying'™ would do same. First time he came over to my place he promptly did an asset rating and decided right then and there that for all the time I spent working and running my small business my house was not on par with my efforts. Then when I actually did start attending a congregation some people there thought I was a selfish single rich workaholic. At least they were right on two counts hehe ! ( single and workaholic ) They never were able to take that from me although the pointless busy work did wear me down to the point of a huge depressive burn out episode.. of course by then no one in sight to help asides from their time proven formula of suggesting more study, meeting attendance and field serve-us. What a stinking pile of crap it all was !

  • LongHairGal


    So, some thought you were a single, SELFISH, rich workaholic? By "selfish", I assume that means you didn't throw money around the hall like it was confetti? Am I right?

    I suspect they felt similarly about me. I always got the sense that some people there thought I owed somebody something. I worked to support myself, was not rich by any means, but dressed well and was seemingly content. I paid my way wherever I went.

    These idiots had a double standard towards women. A brother had a full time job that was okay. A single woman was criticized. They expected her to pursue poverty. The sickest part about this was that I was criticized by affluent people! They must've really hated women, especially me.

    Well, I'm glad these hypocrites hated me and hardly invited me...now I'm retired and very glad to no longer be near that religion anymore!

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