Kids ... and baptism.

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  • pale.emperor

    I don't know about you guys but my baptism questions from elders were merely a formality. The 2nd elder spent an hour talking about his holiday to Cyprus then said "oh I better ask you done questions" then asked me TWO easy questions and went back to his holiday stories.

    The questions right before you get dipped no one is really thinking about, just say "yes!" because everyone is watching.

    I was baptised at 19 because my family and friends kept asking me why I wasn't baptised. That was it. Only two others were baptised that day, both have also woken up and left.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, it's a well discussed topic, yet very important especially nowadays as the society actively praises and promotes younger and younger baptisms....(even on JW broadcasting)

    Let's sum it up: a child is too young to:

    Get a drivers licence

    Buy or consume alcohol

    Enrol to vote

    See a doctor alone or choose own medical treatment

    Open a bank account

    Choose to leave school

    Buy a house

    Get a job

    Operate machinery

    Travel overseas unaccompanied

    Get married or have sex

    etc etc....

    Yet the society will say they are old enough to do "The most important thing in life-baptism"

    Go figure....

  • sparrowdown

    There is no way a child would understand the full ramifications of their decision to be baptised. Hell most adult JWs don't fully grasp the concepts of what it actually means to be a baptised dub.

    I have witnessed four bible studies (not mine) get love bombed and fast tracked through to baptism only to be DFed or DA within a year or so of their baptism, that's how well they "understood" this religion they were saying yes to.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    a brash self centered bigoted individual makes a perfect elder at an early age. Most of the better ones came from the world and have some bruises to cause empathy, and they are older enough to be considered wise in some part.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    This a huge pet peeve of mine and it's gotten me in trouble a few times, to the point of my hubby asking me to please stop or I will be labeled "Apostate".

    The WTBTS refuses to stop this practice of baptizing minors. These children (anyone under the age of 18) only memorize answers and are concerned with pleasing parents and people in the Cong.

    I have stopped watching baptisms at the assemblies because there are always a few children in the line.



  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill


    When the "elder arrangement" was first implemented in September of 1972, some very young men were appointed as elders. I personally know of one boy who was only 19, and another who was 21.

    In both cases, it was very definitely a case of "who you knew". However, that is another story for another time!

  • Tallon

    Many thanks to you all for posting. I think it is plain for all to see that the org is getting desperate and therefore guilt trip as many people possible into baptism - including children.

  • smiddy

    Jw`s claim to be based on the Christian greek scriptures (NT ) JW`s have always had a go at christendom for baptising young children /babies etc. now they are going down the same path .

    Baptising children how long before they start baptising babies.

    Anybody have the youngest child baptised at an Assembly of JW`s ?

  • pale.emperor

    Youngest I've heard of was 6yo. Heard it on JW Bored-casting. Steven Lett was wetting his pants telling us.

  • steve2

    There is a well-known saying in Catholicism that goes something like, "Give the church the child for the first seven years and it will have them for life" - even if they stray or backslide, they'll still live in the fear of the church and go back later in life. Ditto JWs.

    As much as JW organization expresses hatred of (perhaps too strong a word to openly express in this age of hate crimes but you get the gist) all Roman Catholicism stands for, not a few of the organization's teachings mirror the Catholic view.

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