Watchtower Campus

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  • Gorb
  • WingCommander

    AKA: WatchTower Cult Compound.

    "Campus" makes it sound like an institute of higher learning, which it so obviously is not.

  • TonusOH

    Sounds innovative... and a bit costly.

  • nowwhat?

    You know, in the first century the Christian congregation only collected money to feed the poor ones . Not build giant edifices

  • FedUpJW
    Sounds innovative... and a bit costly.

    Look at the progress we are making in taking care of Jehovah's creation with our innovative construction. It will be a costly project, so make sure to show Jehovah how much you appreciate this project and send your $$$$$ to us.

    And remember we looovve yeewww your money!

  • Samcats

    I wonder how long to recover cost of premium construction? Firm must be happy to have a client where money is no object . . .

    Meanwhile be warm and well fed our poor brothers

  • Dagney

    LOL. Campus. What a joke. It's called that for every government subsidy they can get. They have a shrewed and avaricious executive team.

    I can't wait for the day they have to surrender this to pay the victims for the WT sins. I'm always hoping.

    I really really hate this religion.

  • insearchoftruth

    so this is in addition to the 'worldwide headquarters' they completed a few years back?

  • Gorb

    This location will include the "Watchtower Studio's". The future is digital and virtual.

    And yes, money and budget enough, they hire high potential firms.


  • ThomasMore

    Its a red herring in my we are growing and constructing!”

    WTC is predictable.

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