Jehovah's Witnesses DO break up families

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  • flipper

    UNSHACKLE the CHAINS- thank you very much for posting this thread and both you tubes. My god. I've been in these JC meetings being interrogated like I'm a criminal years ago- and the intrusion into our personal boundaries is disgusting. In your opening you tube audio it wasn't enough for these elders to accept that the young woman had broken off with her boyfriend- oh no- they had to fish around and try to get her on something else like smoking or her parents coming over to help her clean her refrigerator out. This audio made me so angry I'm ready to spit at WT Society GB members for putting these policies into practice. It's barbaric. No wonder this poor young lady ran out of this JC meeting. I would have done the same. Better yet I probably would have climbed across the table and freaking given both elders a taste of my fist on their jaw to be honest. People need to know how abusive these JC meetings really are. Oh- and interestingly enough- not one scripture from the Bible was read in counseling this lady. Shows you they value WT Society opinions first- the Bible , never.

    I had tears in my eyes after watching your 2nd you tube of the lady exiting the brethren. Thanks for posting it. There are WAY too many mind control cults on this planet like The Brethren and JW's, Scientology, etc. who absolutely break families up and destroy lives and relationships. Leaders of these cults need to be locked up in prison with the key thrown away for crimes against mankind. Until that happens- more unsuspecting people's lives on this planet will be damaged. Thanks for sharing it just reconfirms to me that I did the right thing in exiting the JW cult over 13 years ago. Take care, Peace out, Mr.Flipper

  • rebelfighter

    Mr. flipper

    Excellent post, I have been trying all day to find the words to post my anger has been out of control. Never a JW but I have worked with a youth group from 10 to 20 in my spare time and the way the WT breaks up families is just unspeakable. In our organization we do not consider anyone an adult until they have reached the age of 20. When we have a youth in trouble we work with them or we have the parents get them into councilling. They most definitely are not put out on the streets to fend for themselves with no support system.

    I so hope she played this for her parents. I hope this WOKE her parents up how LOVING (NOT) these Elders are!!! I know I would never step foot in a KH after that experience. Yeap, flipper I am a red hot Italian lady and at her age I would have came across that table and a fist would have hit a couple of jaws. The problem with this religion is they have taught SUBMIT AND OBEY. It is all mind control and it is a cult. As long as they think they have the power they will use it and enforce it. Just like I told my mother when I was 12 or 13 you touch me one more time you will be picking yourself up off the floor.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Hi flipper and rebel fighter. Thanks for your comments.

    It astonishes me that the organisation does not inform people during their study 'to become members' that they have such a policy.

    If anything the organisation is clearly becoming stricter when it comes to shunning. It's also interesting that the exclusive bretheren similarly phased in a very strict shunning policy some time ago. The bretherens shunning policy is absolutely shocking and even worse than Jehovah's witnesses.

    This very Policy is the main reason I have decided to fade. I could no longer morally try to bring people into a 'seemingly benign loving religion', only to later realise they are part of a high control, restrictive, intrusive organisation/publishing corporation.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    That first recording was heartbreaking! I couldn't bring myself to watch the second one.

    The elders were conducting a veritable inquisition. How did you get to the airport? What about the other day when your parents were seen at your home? What busybodies! Modern day Pharisees in action.

    I hope the young lady realizes how lucky she will be if she finally gets free of this mind-control cult and moves on with her life.

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