Jehovah's Witnesses DO break up families

by UnshackleTheChains 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • UnshackleTheChains

    This recording was the final straw for me

  • ToesUp

    Wow. This is an incredible recording. This young lady kept her composure so well throughout the entire recording. Some stuff was hard to hear. When they started questioning her on her dealings with her family, it became difficult to listen to. Questioning her on "necessary family business. " How these men can do this to others is beyond me. I hope this girl can move on without this cult. I hope more lurkers listen to this and realize that this is not Jehovah's organization nor is there any love in it. Disgusting!

    Great post...I hope this gets record numbers of people who listen to it.

  • freddo

    That is so powerful Unshackle - especially 15:00 onwards.

    She tearfully and emotionally and oh so lucidly ... tells any listener the nature of this Pharisaical little cult.

    Do you know her and how she is doing?

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Hi Toes up. Thanks for your reply. I listen to this recording at various times to remind myself that we are part of a high control religion. I felt disgusted when I first heard it. My heart goes out to this poor girl. I have a daughter myself and would never do that to her.

    When I hear this woman's plea's to these so called shepherds, it seriously breaks my heart. Had. I known this religion promoted this disgusting policy when I was studying as a young man, I would have bolted. Shame on these elders, shame on the Governing body!

  • ToesUp

    Unshackle thechains

    Glad you escaped. My spouse and I are born ins who always had that feeling that something is just not right. Free for 3 years. Never been happier. So glad we got our kids out too.

    The elder mentioned that the brothers saw her parents at her home. Sounds like there was some spying going on. What a sick bunch! I hope more and more JW's are seeing what this cult is really made up of.

    You will not see WT go away but I believe you will see it shrink in size.

    Enjoy your freedom and new life!

  • TheWonderofYou

    Sad. I didnt have family in the truth so it was quite easy to leave, I didnt have to return, I simply didnt go there. Thats really sad to hear what those nice sisters go through.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    This is a case of humans intervening in someone's personal relationship with God. It's crazy what one must do to prove to others that their relationship with God has been "mended". The thing is....this recording will be proof to them that she was unrepentant and they were in the right to continue shunning her.

    Who knows...she may be a bit of a flake and they may have a history of her being unreliable or untrustworthy. If they insist on doing something, they should just make an announcement that they're going to restrict her from participating and associating with others in the meetings and let others decide for themselves whether or not to associate with her on their own time..

    They go too far with things...they're behaving as if they are rulers of a nation or tribe and can supersede the law of the land. They should restrict their authority to within the walls of the kingdom hall and shouldn't intervene with she and her family's personal life.

  • Alive!

    So glad I have no children under the control and authority of these sick men.

    Clearly, she was 'policed' and spied on by those in her congregation.

    I remember when a dear sister who I loved as a true sister was being treated for cancer.

    Her eldest daughter sadly informed her that she'd be 'limited' in what she could do for her highly respected Mother. Why? Because she knew that her Mother had limited and discreet contact with a disfellowshipped daughter who was a struggling solo Mum, and had been helping with childcare and babysitting.

    Looking back, it's clear to me that the culture of JWs is steeped in this kind of crap.

    I thought it was just a few instances that came to my attention at the time, forgetting how the pile of instances was a fast growing heap - but in truth, I was in denial about the prevalence of ugliness throughout....and in truth I witnessed years and years of this mind messing craziness.

    Deeply ashamed.

  • Crazyguy

    These zombie elders get so rapped up in the procedures that any human decency goes right out the window. They forget about the teachings and illustrations of thier Christ. What about the good sumeritian or the prodigal son or to forgive 77 times . There is no mention of these illustrations in thier rule books or thier line of thinking. Even before I woke up I knew this kind of treatment was wrong!!!

    I hope this young woman never went back and got her parents to see this crap is wrong.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    The following video is of a young woman who left the exclusive brethren and was therefore shunned by her family and friends. The video speaks for itself in regard to the deep psychological and emotional impact this cruel policy can have on individuals.

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