Inconsistencies is the Preachng Work

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  • Overrated

    Anna Marina, how true! I should be a little more nice to a pimo just getting time to get elder's off they backs. It is those super righteous that want call an want to convert on the spot. You ask them hard questions they get mad and on defensive and most of the time don't call back.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Ah Overrated well why not say you are house-bound and ask them to buy you a packet of cigarettes?

    I was working with a zealous pioneer sister once (she is now a COs wife), she was delightful and such a kind person. But I nearly fell off the doorstep when a householder asked her to go and buy him a packet of cigarettes and she agreed. Next thing we were at the tobacconists purchasing them for him. Yes ok we clocked up some hours, but the normal method was to walk slowly down a lane following telegraph poles to the most remote building you could find.

    If you don't feel comfortable asking for cigarettes, how about some power tools or just a bag of spuds. It keeps them busy and happy and once you've trained them in shopping, why not see if they'd do a bit of housework - keep this up until they twig they are being used. Then you may never see them again.

  • Overrated

    What brotherly love they can display by doing something for me. That gives me plan if they return to door to door work after covid.

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