New Branch Office in Argentina in Luxury Area of Buenos Aires

by Viva la Vida 16 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • john.prestor

    Wow does that look nice. I thought somebody was taking a vow of poverty. Although at this point any Bethel with a few exceptions might be a sinking ship.

  • smiddy3

    If you don`t understand the decisions the GB make or it seems unreasonable at the time ,just trust the Faithful Slave and be obedient . Or some such words.

    Do you think its possible the penny has already dropped on the F&DS / GB and they are planning to get out with a retirement plan that only you and I could dream about ?

    It makes you wonder

  • waton

    When I think of obscure secure retirement I would not pick that busy district. Read the rest of the projects of the town. : "templo" "Iglesia de Christo". Wt will not be able to outbuild them, like in Manila, where the Iglesia has the biggest religious assembly building in the world, and a church that towers over the bethel there. Both religions share the 1914 date, and the Iglesia sees unrestricted growth, financially too. so, does wt think success will rub off by moving into the same neighbourhood?

  • Gorbatchov

    Of look like a safe heaven for Reipling and the GB.


  • Olig

    Anyone noticed the information of the project has since been removed... I remember clicking on the link on the post a few weeks/month back and it clearly stating it was incorporating a shopping complex? Now this same link the information has vanished 😱

  • joe134cd

    I wonder why Argentina of all places? I could think of better more economically and politically stable countries in which to build a complex like that. Argentina has always been up and down with its politics and economy. Wt could possibly lose millions on this.

  • Moster

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