The 2020 Census of American Religion 07.08.2021

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    The American Religious Landscape in 2020

    Seven in ten Americans (70%) identify as Christian, including more than four in ten who identify as white Christian and more than one-quarter who identify as Christian of color. Nearly one in four Americans (23%) are religiously unaffiliated, and 5% identify with non-Christian religions.[1]

    (Following are the 7 paragraphs in the article that mention Jehovah’s Witnesses)

    The most substantial cultural and political divides are between white Christians and Christians of color. More than four in ten Americans (44%) identify as white Christian, including white evangelical Protestants (14%), white mainline (non-evangelical) Protestants (16%), and white Catholics (12%), as well as small percentages who identify as Latter-day Saint (Mormon), JEHOVAH’S WITNESS, and Orthodox Christian[2]. Christians of color include Hispanic Catholics (8%), Black Protestants (7%), Hispanic Protestants (4%), other Protestants of color (4%), and other Catholics of color (2%)[3]. The rest of religiously affiliated Americans belong to non-Christian groups, including 1% who are Jewish, 1% Muslim, 1% Buddhist, 0.5% Hindu, and 1% who identify with other religions. Religiously unaffiliated Americans comprise those who do not claim any particular religious affiliation (17%) and those who identify as atheist (3%) or agnostic (3%).

    White Evangelical Protestants are the Oldest Religious Group

    White evangelical Protestants are the oldest religious group in the U.S., with a median age of 56, compared to the median age in the country of 47. White Catholics and Unitarian Universalists have median ages of 54 and 53 years old, respectively. Black Protestants and white mainline Protestants have a median age of 50. All other groups have median ages below 50: JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES (49), Jewish Americans (48), Latter-day Saints (47), Orthodox Christians (42), Hispanic Catholics (42), Hispanic Protestants (39), religiously unaffiliated people (38), Buddhists (36), Hindus (36), and Muslims (33). In the youngest groups, one-third of Hindu (33%) and Buddhist (34%) Americans and 42% of Muslim Americans are in the 18–29 age category.

    Hindu, Unitarian/Universalist, and Jewish Americans Most Likely to Have College Degrees

    Educational attainment varies considerably across religious groups. Majorities of Hindu (67%), Unitarian Universalist (59%), and Jewish (58%) Americans have four-year college degrees or higher. Four in ten or more Orthodox Christians (48%), white Catholics (42%), and Latter-day Saints (40%) also have at least a four-year college degree. More than one-third of Muslims (39%), white mainline Protestants (37%), Buddhists (37%), and the religiously unaffiliated (36%) have at least a four-year college degree. Three in ten white evangelical Protestants (29%) and Black Protestants (29%) hold college degrees, while one in five or less JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES (20%), Hispanic Protestants (17%), and Hispanic Catholics (15%) do.

    Race/Ethnicity and Religious Affiliation

    A large majority (71%) of white Americans identify as Christian. Half (50%) are Protestant, including 23% who identify as evangelical and 27% who are mainline Protestant. Another 19% are Catholic, 2% are Latter-day Saint, and less than 1% each are JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES or Orthodox Christians. Most non-Christian white Americans are religiously unaffiliated (23%), with 2% who are Jewish and less than 1% who are Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or another religion. Compared to 2013, white Americans are slightly less Christian overall (74% in 2013) and more likely to be unaffiliated (22% in 2013).

    Black Americans are also mostly Christian (72%). More than six in ten (63%) are Protestant, including 35% who identify as evangelical and 28% who identify as non-evangelical Protestants. Seven percent of Black Americans are Catholic, while 2% are Muslim and 2% are Buddhist, 2% are another religion, and 1% are JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES; less than 1% identify as Latter-day Saint, Orthodox Christian, Jewish, or Hindu. More than one in five (21%) Black Americans are religiously unaffiliated. More Black Americans identified as Christian in 2013 (79%) and fewer said they were religiously unaffiliated (16% in 2013).

    Six in ten Native Americans (60%) identify as Christian, mostly comprised of 47% who are Protestant (28% evangelical, 19% non-evangelical). An additional 11% are Catholic, 1% are Latter-day Saint, and 1% are JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. Two percent identify with another religion, 1% each are Jewish and Muslim, and less than 1% are Hindu and Buddhist. Nearly three in ten Native Americans (28%) are religiously unaffiliated. There have been no substantial shifts in religious affiliation among Native Americans since 2013.

    Other Christians make up 7% of the U.S. population as of 2020, comprised of multiracial Christians (2%), AAPI Christians (1%), Native American Christians (1%), Black Catholics (1%), Christians who did not provide a race or ethnicity (1%), JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES (0.5%), and Orthodox Christians (0.5%).

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    JWs, woefully short of education. Poor obedient shmucks.

  • asp59

    Problem is lots of JWs dont want kids cause poor education and low paying jobs they have. Few inborn and No one from district getting in. No wonder they wanna go online so people dont see the empty KHs. Either empty of just old people inside. They need massive changes if they gonna move forward. Remove elder arragment. Too many young JWs are df for nonses. Go online 100 %. Start cleaning up GB. Remove does with mental problems and drinking problems. Dont let them give speetches anymore. Well dont really think they gonna do all changes they need. Org probably die out slow. Its already.

  • Diogenesister

    Funny the median age of witnesses....I thought it would be higher.

  • incognito2014

    compared to the median age in the country of 47

    The median age of the US is not 47 it is 38.5. So Median age of JWs is significantly higher than average.

  • smiddy3

    Really, it just goes to show you how ineffective their witnessing is if in the birthplace of Jehovah`s witnesses the USA is 1% or less .

    All of those years of going D2D with SFA results.

  • joe134cd
    Really, it just goes to show you how ineffective their witnessing is if in the birthplace of Jehovah`s witnesses the USA is 1% or less .

    I totally disagree. Compared to the LDS the JWs have twice the activity rates. A JWs are also more engaged in their faith. Quite frankly JWs would blow the lds out of the water.

  • alanv

    Activity does not mean growth. Last year they went backwards and i expect this year will be the same

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    o me the biggest surprise here is slowing growth of the 'Unaffiliated' group, which has been on an upward trajectory for years

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I’m wondering if a lot of JW’s ( especially older ones), wouldn’t participate in anything having to do with religion such as this survey, that doesn’t come directly from the “ slave” governing body. Hence the low “ age average”. They don’t trust “ Satan’s world” especially with information about their religion.

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