Argument for JDubs or any Fundi's

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  • prologos

    These details should be brought up again and again. We wish wt made it mandatory for all public speakers to sign a pledge to believe these dates, before going up on the platform; perhaps then they would have to make it womandatory. The Egyptians were building pyramids while the flood water overlapped the top of everest.

  • smiddy

    So according to WT/JW chronology , the earth /universe could have been created millions of years ago However they say , ,Adam was created approximately 6000 years ago , the Noachian flood covering all the earth happened approximately 4000 years ago , and Jesus Christ appeared on earth about 2000 years ago .

    Does Geology , Archeology ,Anthropology ,or any other related science give any credence to such claims as possible facts ?

    Could all that was suposed to have happened in the Old Testament from Adam to Noah , occured within 2000 years before the flood ?

    Could all that was suposed to have occured in the Old Testament have happened in 2000 years from the flood of Noah to the time of Jesus appearance ?

    The population of the earth back then was nowhere near what it is today , most of the earths population today has occured during this past Century.

    or do these claims of Jehovahs Witnesses belong in the bin with other religious fundamentalists teachings with no basis in facts.?

  • Crazyguy

    I saw a picture of a piece of amber where in side it was a spider about to eat or kill a flying insect. I think it may have been a bee. Anyway this piece of amber is basically a fossil meaning it several 100 thousand of years old. This one fossil completely blows up thier animals only eating one another just about 4000 years ago.

  • undercover
    1. Man was created in 4026 BCE
    2. A global flood occurred in 2370 BCE
    3. The Israelite’s wandering in the Wilderness began in 1513 BCE
    Where were these dates taken from? I'm not sure number 1 is current light...???

    Per, article entitled 'Time Line of the Bible' (just looked it up on mobile device)

    4026 Adam's creation

    3096 Death of Adam

    2370 Floodwaters fell

    1513 Exodus from Egypt

  • punkofnice

    Thanks Undercover.

    Wow. They're sticking their necks out. I know they used to print this kind of stuff in the back of the Babylon book and such, but thought they were shying away from this nonsense now.

    Obviously not.

  • undercover
    So according to WT/JW chronology , the earth /universe could have been created millions of years ago However they say , ,Adam was created approximately 6000 years ago

    Russell and early WT doctrine said that the entire creation process was 7,000 years per creative day, making the earth less than 50,000 years old. Old world Bible doctrine and belief. However, science has proven the earth (and universe) is much older, so the WTS has had to tweak their doctrine to align with what is commonly called 'gap creationism'. The universe and earth came into being millions of years ago, but the 'creative days' began just a short time ago (thus the 7,000 year creative days). Everything on the earth was created during this time, including Adam 6,000 years ago.

    Problem with that is that it does not agree with the Bible. Exodus 20:11 - 'For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is them...'

    The WTS has painted themselves into a corner with their 'gap creation' belief. It agrees with neither science nor the Bible.

  • Crazyguy

    Exodus 20:11 nice scripture Undercover. I remember back in 2013 in a watchtower article they basically walked away from the age of the earth stating that's for scienctists to argue about, but this scripture like you stated forces them back in to thier box of stupidity!

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