The JW's greatest dogma...

by BoogerMan 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Vidiot
    Boogerman - "The JW's greatest dogma... that God Almighty/Jesus personally selected J.F. Rutherford & WTBTS Inc..."

    Almost, but not quite.

    The WT's "greatest dogma" is that they are God's Exclusive Earthly Organization. The claim of being chosen by God and Jesus was made in service to that claim.

    Really, every decision they make...

    ...every decision... done so with the goal of shoring up that fiction.

  • Vidiot
    Phizzy - "... Rutherford and Co disgustingly supported the First World War, Rutherford urging the purchase of War Bonds, no way were they neutral Conscientious Objectors... that totally discredited dogma is what the Org relies upon..."

    Sometimes I suspect that the claim of exclusive divine favor was Rutherford and Co. doubling-down when they were faced with compelling arguments to the contrary...

    ..."Not only are we a legitimate religion, we're the only legitimate religion!!!"

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