The JW's greatest dogma...

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  • BoogerMan

    ....that God Almighty/Jesus personally selected J.F. Rutherford & WTBTS Inc. as a front for worldwide Christianity, is an affront to worldwide Christians.

    The adage, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” was made for such spurious assertions.

    As with JW's who claim, "Jehovah answered my prayer for......," both claims rely on total credulity, and zero evidence of divine intervention.

  • waton
    ...that God Almighty/Jesus personally selected J.F. Rutherford & WTBTS Inc. as a front for worldwide Christianity BM

    based on their performance in the campaign starting in 1918: "the world has ended, Millions now living will never die!", a theme still promoted by wt now.

    proclaimers book, page 426.

  • Judgerussellford

    That the gb was selected by God and they claim to be the personal mouthpiece of God. If Kenneth Copeland multiple personalities and cronies were running a printing cooperation they'd be the gb for watchtower

  • joe134cd

    Even as a PIMI I never fully brought into that.

  • Phizzy

    The selection/choosing of Rutherford &Co, by Jesus !! in 1918/9 makes no sense according to the facts about what they taught, and did not teach, at the time, none of it is accepted in any way by J W org today, so HOW could it be "food at the proper time" as served by a faithful and Discreet Slave ???

    The Christadelphians at that time, not being a significantly smaller group, if at all, were teaching much what the org teaches today, why NOT choose them ?? Rutherford and Co disgustingly supported the First World War, Rutherford urging the purchase of War Bonds, no way were they neutral Conscientious Objectors. The Christadelphians were !! had been since the Civil War !

    The Christadelphians do not claim to be exclusively chosen by Jesus in 1918/19, as they never fell for the 1914 nonsense, that totally discredited dogma is what the Org relies upon.

    All this means : No 1914 = No 18/19 "Choosing" = Today's Governing Body are self-appointed Charlatans.

  • BoogerMan

    A expected, the silence from those defending JW dogma, is deafening.

    I hope they use their reasoning abilities and ask themselves, "Who/what convinced me Rutherford & Co. were personally chosen from heaven - WTBTS literature or a divine revelation?

  • ozziepost
    BoogerManan hour ago
    A expected, the silence from those defending JW dogma, is deafening.

    I guess our WT apologists haven’t woken to this thread yet,😎

  • Phizzy

    I would like to see J.W Apologists come here and try to defend it, perhaps we could reason with them ?

    Or would they merely say what an Elder said to me when I presented the stuff to him in my comment above, and other actual Facts, " Well I think there is enough to satisfy me they were chosen" , I gave up with him then, but Really ? What ?

    I know some say "What they have done in recent years shows the G.B have Jehovah's approval" , again, Really ? What ?

    And even if that were vaguely true, that DOES NOT prove the 1919 "Choosing" , so the J.W's are mistaken about that, the G.B in particular.

  • waton
    As expected, the silence from those defending JW dogma, is deafening.

    There is an added twist for them to get balled up in:

    wt teaches, by coincidence, that the Deceased of the 144 000, (peter paul and mary) et al, -none part of the F&DS-, were resurrected in 1918, so ready to help the newly minted Governing Body, Faithful and Discreet Slave of 1919 to get off the ground with a clean head start. so,

    with that disaster doctrine, (The World Has ended, , Millions Now Living Will Never Die), but did, and 25% of publishers now not over 108 years old,--

    where was the help, the claimed unfailing spirit guidance, direction that should have been given by these immortal powerful eager heavenly newcomers?

    may be they were peeved , that, by wt decree, although bible writers, they were never part of the feeding faithful slave?

  • Foolednomore

    The Watchtower does it and even it's members do it. Countless articles in their magazines of stories that can't be verified. But even on the local level. My brother and I own an auto repair shop. One pioneer sister on a platform lied and made such an outrageous story how her car was repaired by Geehovah. Little does the audience know she had the money to pay for the the repairs but thought we owed her one since she pioneered.

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