Wire-Rim Glasses

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  • berrygerry

    Knorr's style would have passed.

    Lennon's were these:

  • smiddy

    Here in the land of OZ , Safari suits were a no no for a while however so many Bros.wore them in S.E.Qld. , which made sense because of the climate they were tolerated , around the 70`s- 80`s .

    I think there out of fashion now.


  • talesin

    Speaking of fashion, and smiddy, I recall the leisure suits, my dad had one. I told him he looked like the guy from "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom!" ...haha, so glad those went out of style - oh, and remember polyester suits? ahaha, plaid? Anyhow, I remember when i first started working, I bought a fancy suit of 'hot pants', I was 12 going on 24. ahaha they are now back in style.

    Ah, the old John Lennon glasses, I have a couple pair, but the lenses are 'Janis blue'. *Pearl*



  • fukitol

    I was a born-in for 35 years and never once heard of this. If anything it must've been an aversion to the hippy John Lennon style only, as mentioned; nothing to do with wire rims per se.

    Some apostates are as bad at getting their facts straight and prone to exaggeration as the Watchtower Society is.

  • Landy

    I think it may have been any glasses they were opposed to, not just wire rimmed ones.

    They probably thought that the person who needed them was indulging in too much wanking.

    * adjusts glasses to see the screen better*

  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift

    In my cong I remember one time my husband was about to go on the platform to give a student talk when the P.O. taped him on the shoulder and called him out the back.....he was told he could not give his talk because his haircut was too Worldly ! (He had had it cut thst day and the style then had a step in it...like Gibs in NCIS) Another time the same elder told me off because I collected the family literature order from the desk. ..aparently thst job belonged to the Spiritual head of the house. ...

  • Vidiot

    Everything since the 50s has always made the old guard freak the f**k out.

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