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  • Michael George
  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    How about if I think it's yet another re-invented Adventist scam targeting the gullible? Should I leave an honest review?

  • Michael George
    Michael George

    That certainly seems quite likely. But if you actually read the book I don't think you will come to that conclusion.

    So leave an honest review after you read the book. Thanks.

  • Val2020

    And if the sign doesn’t come as promised?

    anybody want to take a bet with me that the sign will not come, I will give you 100:1 I’m so certain that it will not come

  • Michael George
    Michael George

    Well, you would lose that bet. Because as explained in the book, the "sign" is the asteroid Apophis. Astronomers have told us it will come. It is in fact now on its way. It will make its first appearance in earth's skies on April 13, 2029. It will then return to earth exactly 7 years later on April 13, 2036. That day will then be Jewish Passover, the day of Christ's death (Jewish Passover will then begin at 6 PM on April 12 and be observed for 18 of its 24 hours on April 13). It will also then be Easter Sunday the day of Christ's resurrection. (These two religious holidays almost never fall on the same day.) So you think that the "second coming" of this asteroid exactly "7 years" after its first coming, on a day that will be celebrated both as the day of Christ's death and His resurrection will be a coincidence? I might agree with you if it was not for the hundreds of other reasons you will find in my book to believe in Jesus Christ and believe He will soon return to reward His servants and judge this world. How about you do no more bashing of the idea until you read the book? Its a free download for five days. After that its just $6. Not bad for a 770 page book. Let me know what you think.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Judgment and condemnation... Jesus’ second coming...

    Personally, I am so done with all that. But thank you for your offer. Good luck. Or whatever.

  • cofty

    Apocalyptic prophets correct so far = 0

    Chances of latest apocalyptic prophet being any different = <0

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Somewhere among thing I picked up along the highway of life is a leaflet given to me on the 1970s. A diagram showed that a destructive asteroid was imminent and there was thus the need to repent.

    Nothing happened then either.

    Not everyone says that Christ died on a Friday or that it took place at Passover in April, preferring the Day of Atonement (Yon Kippur) in Sept/Oct.

    You are not alone in making such speculative predictions. History is strewn with unfulfilled expectations, with people famous, such as Isaac Newton, and people unknown. The list of expected imminent divine interventions run from at least as early as the 3rd century BCE, and includes writings now considered to be Scripture.

    The lesson that history teaches is that people do not learn the lesson that history teaches.


  • Simon

    If you have the truth and would like to advertise it, we accept evil old-world dollars as ad payment - you won't want to keep any as the world is ending soon, so may as well send them my way eh?

  • Michael George
    Michael George

    Well, I might take you up on that sometime. But as of now, I have not sold a single copy. And as I say here, right now with Amazon's help, I will be giving copies away for the next five days. Lots of new and fascinating understandings of the Scriptures. I hope you will download one, read it, and tell me what you think.

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