The GB wants us to read this bible passage to you!

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  • berrygerry

    You should have said:

    "Really? They asked you to talk to me. Wow. Can I personally thank them back?"

  • Finkelstein

    It would appear that the GB men have arranged it this way because they were getting worried they would start to loose the flock in the self realization that the men preceding them were lying and deceiving people.

    You cant be loyal to Jehovah unless your loyal to the GB men, those unique men who run the Watchtower Publishing house.

  • jp1692

    The who want what?

    I want YOU to read the results of the Australian Royal Commission on Child Sexual Abuse to them!


  • steve2

    I was very touched to read the letter from the GB in this year's Yearbook. The letter closed by saying, "The Governing Body love you."

    I wanted to get on a plane to the States and tell these loving men in person that I love them too.

  • Listener

    When they talk about love in their letters, don't they usually qualify it but saying 'brotherly love. It sounds really creepy when they say they love you, most blokes rarely say those words and when they do, it is only to close family members or very close friends whom they've developed a special personal relationship with. By missing the term, it cheapens the sincerity of those words.

  • steve2

    From the 2017 Yearbook Letter from the GB:

    "Please know that we love you very much and appreciate your assistance in caring for the Lord’s Kingdom interests in these last days".

    And from the 2016 Yearbook letter from the GB:

    " In the meantime, please know that we on the Governing Body love all of you very much and we pray often in your behalf."

    Looks like the expression, "With brotherly love" has gone the way of the do-do bird. It is now cool to say, "Please know that we love you."

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Steve2 » I wanted to get on a plane to the States and tell these loving men in person that I love them too.

    And we love you for loving them!


    Isn't it great when we all can just live together?

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