Jesus said ''help and feed the poor,'' not build large headquarters

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    I was watching a news report last night on the homeless people in Chicago, who were living outdoors in extreme cold and snow. The homeless were seen living under bridges and street tunnels.

    A Missionary Church called ''The Night Ministry'' was driving around helping the homeless with water, food , blankets and free rides to a local hospital if they were in need of medical care. Talk about following the words of Jesus!

    In the mean time, here is what the Watchtower Society is doing about the homeless:

  • truth_b_known

    This is a prime reason why the Watchtower needs it's religious tax exemption yanked. I am thinking about contacting my US House Rep and requesting federal legislation that would mandate a minimum percentage of donations to religious organizations must be used to feed the hungry and house the poor, regardless of the recipients' religious denomination, to receive the tax exemption. I would ask other join in doing the same.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    It is one of the things that made me leave. The WT doesn't lift a finger to help those in need in the local community or farther afield.

    I remember going back to the time of the Romanian Orphan crisis, one brother happily told the congregation in an answer that a member of his family, with connections to a pentecostal church, were getting together donations and money to send volunteers and a lorry load of supplies from the UK out to Romania. This relative asked him for a donation to buy blankets for the kiddies.

    He told everyone that he declared "those children don't need food and clothes. What they need is God's Word and the hope of a better life. Take them Bibles if you really want to help them!"

    I was gobsmacked and disgusted by his statement, which he was revelling in. And was applauded for by other brothers. I thought to myself that this is not the attitude of a true Christian. Since then I started giving my monthly donation to the charity shop run by the group his relative belonged to, for although I don't want their religion, I do see them out in the local community and farther afield helping people with nothing and in real need.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    ''help and feed the poor,''

    And that is exactly what the rank and file are doing....helping and feeding the money-hungry/greedy society.

  • punkofnice

    The jobos are only feeding the GovBod (piss be upon them) and providing a safe haven for paedophiles.

    Tony Morris the turd will probably drink to that.

  • EverApostate

    When I was a JW, I was very often advised that spending time in FS and donating to WT are the most worthy things we can do.

    Giving to charity or needy. A big NO from elders.


    Is It Always Wise to Give to Charity?

    Awake November 1973 page 26

    A Balanced View

    No question about it, as Jesus said, “You always have the poor with you.” (Matt. 26:11) And he also said, there is happiness in giving, in being unselfish, in being helpful. But to be gullible is to reward the greedy ones or those too lazy to work. Since there are deserving persons and deserving causes, one should practice discrimination. So the time-worn saying, “Let the buyer beware,” might well be rephrased, “Let the giver beware.”
    And, of course, those who are Christian ministers are in position to give something far better than silver and gold. And what is that? The truth of God’s Word, which brings comfort, hope, peace of mind and which can even result in life eternal. Having received free, they also want to give free. (Matt. 10:8; compare Acts 3:1-8.) And, in fact, it is in regard to this kind of giving, of spiritual things, that the apostle Paul quoted Jesus’ words about the greater happiness that comes from giving.​—Acts 20:35.

    So, there you have it! The Watchtower Society advises fellow members not to give money to charities because: ''You will always have the poor'', ''You will reward the greedy and those too lazy to work'' and leaving Watchtower Bibles and literature is far better than silver and gold.

    Watchtower Society ..What about opening up soup kitchens/ warming centers for the homeless? What about providing monies for clothing, school supplies and medical centers for the unfortunate?

    I know the answer to those questions! Not once in the 40+ years I was a Jehovah's Witnesses did I see any kind of mention to donate to any charities. It was only after I left the Watchtower Society did I start giving money, donating clothes/ furniture and donating my auto for veterans who needed help with their everyday expenses.

  • Vidiot

    Too little chance of return on the investment.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Quite frankly, while I understand the concept of religions giving, I always felt that charities were demonstration of our governments failings, at least, here, in canada.

    If you feel that you should give to a cancer research charty, then it means that our government arn't investing enough in those.

    If we should feed the poor homeless, there should be public soup and shelters for those.

    Give monney to the veterants? Why isn't government giving them enough?

    Don't get me wrong, I believe in capitalism. But there should be a baseline at the bottom for most of the people that charities are trying to fix.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Following up on my last comment, while JWs could indeed do some real charity work, their concept of teaching people to work for themselves and take care of themselves isn't wrong at all.

    JWs can be poor, but usually, their houses will be clean, and will learn to cook decent meals on a low budget. My point here is that charity is a temporary answer and JWs do understand that.

    Still, they could be helping people a little more.

    For instance, in Gatineau, when there was a flood and hundreds of citizens were filling sand bags, they were out there preaching door to door. That is having their priorities at the wrong place.

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