Has Watchtower taken the joy out of 'the good news of the kingdom'

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  • UnshackleTheChains
    Being a JW wasn't much fun after that - at least nothing like it was in the late 1940s to early 1960s. There was no longer any joy in Watchtowerland. Many of my former acquaintances experienced major mental and physical problems that could be directly tied to the new policies that the Society embraced and enforced. Shunning, lots of shunning - unlike anything we'd seen before.

    Wow.....it looks like the legalism and control gradually grew over time. I think once the control changed from the president to a body of men (the GB) in the 70's, the proverbial brown stuff really hit the fan in terms of control and micro management.

  • LongHairGal


    I never felt there was any joy in the so-called good news of the Kingdom.

  • smiddy3

    I believe it also had to do with your geographical location ,let me explain when I first converted in the Melbourne area and actually attended at least 4 congregations they were all very conservative very few if any teenagers and they did very little if any socializing

    However when we went to S.E.Qld. it was like a breath of fresh air ,young people teenagers and a very sociable lot in a number of congregations and we got to know a lot of people in different circuits also because of our young sons and their connections,

    We had a great social life going round to different ones houses for meals and they coming to our house ,camping which always involved people from different congs.in the circuit ,often we would go to restaurants after Assembly` s etc.

    Socially we had a good life in the JW religion however the religious aspect of Jw`s didn`t live up to their own expectations of anything like what the truth should be.


    Truth is truth it never changes /and should never change

    Unless you are a Jehovah`s Witness ./Old truths /new truths /present truths /past truths ?

    REALLY ?

  • punkofnice
    Has Watchtower taken the joy out of 'the good news of the kingdom'

    I don't think they ever injected any joy into their weirdo belief system. Certainly, they have changed. I personally believe they have become more cult like and bullying of late. the broadcasts are exposing the GovBod and their 'helpers™' as stark staring bonkers.

    I am hoping average joe jobo will see this and leave the slaveholdery of this corporate scam.

  • ttdtt

    scully - The only joy in the Preaching Work was social.

    Hanging out with my friends trying to do as little as possible (when I was young).

    Hanging out with my friends and kids when I was an adult, trying to do as little as possible.

  • UnshackleTheChains
    The only joy in the Preaching Work was social

    Funny enough, the good lady asked me yesterday why I still attend meetings if I don't agree with 'anything' at the meetings.

    I firstly corrected her in that there is much the Society teach is biblical, but there is much I simply disagree with.

    I asked her if she really wanted the truth about why I still attend.

    Answer- "For purely social reasons" so as not to make things awkward for her.

  • OnTheWayOut

    "Pick up your torture stake and follow me!" ...or something like that. Why should you expect joy? They tell you the joy is knowing the special truth and pleasing your God (Watchtower).

    It is double talk because they say you should be joyful or else you are doing something wrong.

  • BluesBrother

    Depending on your congo. Of course ..... but as a young man the meetings used to FUN. Often the WT study or midweek meeting would have something that caused everyone to burst out laughing. ... The conductor would welcome it and know how to handle the moment..

    I have not heard that in a very long time and I guess they would be totally lost if it did.

    The whole way of life in what we called the "Truth" used to be relaxed , looking forward to the hope ahead ... joyfull.... today they seem stressed ,anxious and enduring. Several of my wifes associates and family are on tranquilizers. .. Is that a " happy people"?

  • EverApostate

    I have seen more depressed people in my congregations than normal members. Now I understand that desperate, lonely, Insecure and depressed people get into cults very easily.

    All their Joy were momentary, just after a Bubbling public talk. Once they leave the hall the Joy vanishes and harsh reality sinks in.

    This momentary joy is a result of Unnatural promises and illogical reasoning. If the things discussed were natural and practical, the Joy would linger forever.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The Congo I'm associated with (hate to admit) has a number of marital and other family related problems. The elders often complain about needy sisters who take-up alot of their time. The servant body and their wives often walk around with 'long' faces. Meeting attendance is always very low. So, yah, there's a lot of joy lacking in this neck of the woods...frankly it's the same in the 118,000+ Congos worldwide.

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