Chapter 21 New Boy 50 years a Watchtower slave

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  • Fisherman

    Sparky, I never knew that. Sad story. I don't remember anyone looking at Bill disdainfully. Brothers noded to him and he noded back.

    Not everyone that wanted to get married and applied to bring their female in was accepted. A lot were rejected and they got angry when they had to leave if they chose to get married. I remember someone that applied, was rejected, and called off his engagement for about a year. He applied again and was accepted. But after NHK died, such case never happened again. You were not supposed to leave the sister waiting or break off the engagement. Also, I liked and respected NHK a lot. But I am human too and I don't like everybody. I find some people obnoxious and they get on my nerves but I put up.

    People in power are unavoidably forced to make decision sometimes that negatively affects someone, it can't be helped. Albeit there is no excuse for not being compassionate.

    Funny that Norris and Knorr have words in common. NHK also mostly wore the same green suit. I saw similarities in Bill's facial expressions and NHKs.

    Lots of talks to make the service "your career" in that era. Back in the day, it was actually possible to have fun too. Everything changed in time and became strict.

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