What natural phenomena or catastrophic event would wake JWs?

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  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping


    He was devastated. You would think he would wake up and leave. What did he do? Went back for more. Now, he is more uber in the cult than he was before.

    I think there's a term for that-----Masochist!


  • Vidiot

    Or "abusive codependency".

  • ToesUp

    I believe in overlapping

    Yes, that cartoon depicts him perfectly. It's difficult to watch but hey, he want's the cult in the worst way and will do anything for it.

  • Tenacious

    Only a perfectly aimed bolt of lightning that goes straight up their anal cavity.

    Seriously speaking, they are knee deep in mind programming that is hard to break.

    Natural phenomena could only help to enhance their belief.

    I believe the blood issue and seeing one of their very young baby/children die for refusal of blood could be the impetus to start rethinking things.

  • zeb

    CARLA.."the jw's would still go to the kh to see what the elders and gb thought" You are quite correct.

    But all this effort to wake people up why bother.! Spend the time building a model plane or a real boat..or doing some charitable works.

  • Jourles

    I'm secretly hoping that Bob Lazar's story is 100% true. If so, the global implications are immense and would almost single-handedly destroy religion in all forms - especially the jdubs. When you make the claim that humans are god's greatest creation and that there is no intelligent life beyond earth, any religion that teaches such a thing deserves to be brought down if it's proven beyond a doubt that we're not alone.

  • Vidiot

    Publicly disclosed and undeniable proof of extraterrestrials' existence wouldn't destroy religion, per se.

    Hell, Mormon cosmology explicitly allows for the possibility, and the Vatican has made official statements to the effect that "assuming that we're alone in the universe is stupid" (paraphrasing, but not much).

    Its effect on fundamentalism, though? Especially the WTS???

    Fucking catastrophic. I grasped this even as a kid.

    Why else do you think the US has led the charge in debunking UFO sightings for the past three-quarters of a century? (unlike virtually every other country on the planet, I might add)

    'Cause the existence of intelligent ETs is almost completely incompatible with Biblical literalist ideology... fundagelical Christians have been - and still are - an overwhelming majority in that country... they're all armed to the teeth...

    ...and Disclosure would make them completely lose their shit.

  • redvip2000
    Publicly disclosed and undeniable proof of extraterrestrials' existence wouldn't destroy religion, per se

    It does? why? The Org doesn't really have a stand on alien lien aside from saying that we don't know. If tomorrow we found that there is Alien life, bible fanatics would just say that God provided the bible as a guide for humans, and alien life is out of scope.

  • Vidiot

    The WTS might not have an "official" stance, and even appear accommodating to outsiders (according to researcher David Weintraub), but make no mistake, intelligent ETs are not compatible with WT ideology. Internally, they have gone so far as to insist that (only) God and the angels are the true extraterrestrials, and have also suggested that UFOs or other alleged encounters are demonically-inspired "apparitions".

    I lost count of how many times this was reiterated by JW elders. One of them even specifically stated that aliens couldn't exist, because that would prove evolution was true, and therefore the Bible false.

    And "worldy" fundamentalist Christianity is no different, for similar reasons:

    http://www.futurity.org/extraterrestrial-life-religion-773862/ (search the page for "evangelical" and scroll down)

    This series is good read, too, for more detail:






  • LongHairGal


    I know what you mean about people running back to the kingdom hall - but I was NOT one of the ones who ran back to the hall when 9/11 happened..I was in the earlier days of my ‘fade’ back then.

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