Decrease of numbers in Jehovah's Witnesses via Deaths, DFings, or Turning Inactive

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  • DNCall
    Coded Logic: It took me a moment grasp your point but I think I understand you. It has to do with those newly baptized already being counted as unbaptized publishers. So, if you subtract the increase in publishers from the total of newly baptized, the remainder would be those who were allowed to be baptized without first being unbaptized publishers. Is that correct?
  • Vidiot

    flipper - "...there seems to be a lot of 'conscious classers' inside the JW's who have stopped donating...."

    It is the simplest explanation that fits the known facts.

  • Phizzy

    I stopped donating about two years before I really woke up and learned TTATT. My thinking at the time was : "we are hard up, if Jehovah can't find the money without the likes of us, its time JW's packed it in"

    I was aware of all the statements in the past about not soliciting funds, and about stopping the preaching when "Jehovah did not provide".

    I think I was also ready to wake up.

    Perhaps those now no longer donating are similarly about to wake up, let's hope so.

  • Vidiot

    @ Phizzy...

    Pretty sure the one's who've quit donating have done so - at least in part - because they've woken up.

  • flipper

    DN CALL- Interesting call, I'm glad you understood Coded Logic - I'm a little dense sometimes maybe Coded will come back and explain it again.

    VIDIOT- Indeed I think a lot of " conscious classers " are waking up and smelling the coffee.

    PHIZZY- I hear you. I stopped donating even many years before I exited the JW cult back in 2003. As the years went on I just could not understand WHY the GB would allow articles written in the WT requesting JW's to donate inheritances, life insurance policies, jewelry, to the WT Society just to further " kingdom interests ". Seemed so low of them to do that when Russell himself had stated they would never " beg " for donations. Well- that's exactly what the modern day GB and WT leaders are doing now. Disgusting

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