Put the Blame Where it Belongs

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  • cofty
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Say it as it is Cofty. Keep well, stay safe!

  • Fadeaway1962

    Thanks very much to the point

    Sounds like another organisation can't recall the name 😀

  • Magnum

    I downloaded the video in case Youtube (Google) does remove it.

  • Finkelstein

    To the point , it might be very well that criminal corruption within certain areas of China could be responsible tor the sale and marketing of certain wild animals in wet shops for food or medicinal purposes.

    The market in Wuhan, which was closed down after the outbreak, had a wild animal section, where live and slaughtered species were on sale, including body parts of camels, koalas and birds. The Guardian reports that an inventory at one shop listed live wolf pups, golden cicadas, scorpions, bamboo rats, squirrels, foxes, civets, hedgehogs (probably porcupines), salamanders, turtles and crocodiles.

    As far as we know, bats and pangolins weren't listed, but authorities in China will have intelligence on what animals were being sold, says Prof Ball. "If the spillover's happened once, you want to know whether or not this sort of thing can happen again, because it's important from a public health standpoint," he says. "And so you need to know exactly what species of animal it's in and also what were the risks that gave rise to that spillover event."

    Many of the viruses we have become familiar with in recent years have crossed over from wild animals. This is the story of Ebola, HIV, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) and now coronavirus. Prof Jones says the rise in infectious disease events from wildlife might be because of our increasing ability to detect them, growing connectivity to each other, or more encroachment into wild habitats, thereby "changing landscapes and coming into contact with new viruses the human population hasn't seen before".

  • Simon

    Pat, telling it like it is.

    Everyone should boycott China, they should absolutely pay for what they have done and keep paying until their government has been replaced.

    Then the Chinese people need to be dragged into the 20th century.

  • LV101
    That's a tough government to pull down pretty powerful unless the military turns against them. Maybe initially people will stop buying their junk but after awhile they'll reason it's cheaper and fall back into line.
  • silentbuddha

    Africa, the Carribean and Latin America will still suck at the teeth if China because they need the money.

    It's funny, Africa owns literally 60 percent of Jamaica and they do the same in Africa.

    China has threatened to withhold meds etc...

    Fuck them

  • jwundubbed

    SARS is actually SARS-CoV, MERS is actually MERS-CoV, this virus is CoVID-19, and all three are different strains of the coronavirus. COVID-19 is actually a strain that came directly from the SARS virus. It is all the same virus in the same way that Avian flu, Swine flu, and Spanish Flu, and the regular yearly flus are all types of influenza. Swine Flu and Spanish flu are both H1N1 viruses but Swine flu is a strain that grew out of the Spanish flu. The two big outbreaks of H1N1 hit us a little less than 100 years apart.

    The fact that SARS and MERS and COVID-19 all came from Asia makes sense because they are the same disease originating from the same place. it isn't a conspiracy and it isn't about the goodness or badness of any country. It is just the reality of viral organisms, how they live, how they operate, and how they grow, evolve, mutate, and spread.

    These are not different diseases that just suddenly pop up. They are the same types of diseases that grow and evolve and mutate over time. This will happen again and again and again until or unless the diseases themselves can be wiped out completely.

    We almost wiped out measles and polio because people got vaccines. People in lower developed countries didn't have access to vaccines and then people in higher developed countries decided that vaccines are bad. The diseases began to spread again and now we have to worry about these diseases as well. We did completely wipe out scarlet fever and smallpox. If people would just make good choices we could wipe out more diseases.

    The first step in wiping these diseases out is learning the facts and to stop spreading misinformation.

  • 2+2=5
    SARS is actually SARS-CoV, MERS is actually MERS-CoV, this virus is CoVID-19, and all three are different strains of the coronavirus. COVID-19 is actually a strain that came directly from the SARS virus

    And also why research for a drug or vaccine that will control it was well underway before this strain of the coronavirus emerged.

    Hindsight, a wonderful thing.

    God bless RNA viruses, aren’t they a wonder of creation.

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