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by no-zombie 15 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • no-zombie

    This morning, this article appeared on our national online news channel; the ABC.


  • shepherdless

    Yes, right on the front page of the website. My wife is in damage control this morning; sending me jw.borg links to Watchtower’s child abuse articles of a few months ago.

  • Atlantis


    Thank you for posting!


  • Listener

    It's amazing that any JW would want to support this organization, even more so, any JW parent.

    It might be possible that the courts will view the JWs negatively for choosing not to join the redress scheme and making them look even worse in court cases.

  • smiddy3

    I think it has been stated before that if any organization/ institution does`nt sign up to the redress scheme by the cut-off date in 2020 , it will put their cases at a huge disadvantage when they come to trial.

    In other words it will be in their interest to join the scheme because it will save them a lot more money than if they don`t join the scheme.

  • punkofnice
    'There is a way out'
    Meanwhile, Ms Marinus and Ms Lynn fear that with no changes to the organisation's practices "children will continue to be abused", while perpetrators and the organisation will not be held to account.
    While they are not confident it will ever change, the women hope by speaking up they can help other Jehovah's Witness survivors know they are not alone.

    This seems to be a quite realistic viewpoint.

    Let's hope the constant dripping of the lawsuit tap erodes the corporation to death.

  • alanv

    If I remember correctly Geoffrey Jackson didnt dismiss the idea out of hand when it was presented to him at the ARC. But I would have been very surprised if Watchtower had joined a scheme like this. They dont give anything away unless they have no choice.

  • Doug Mason

    The Borg doesn’t want to join the scheme as that is admitting guilt. Remember we are talking about a group of narcissistic men.

    Until they have their official spin ready for print, they don’t want the sheeple knowing the true extent of the problem.

    They probably have articles pre-written for various scenarios.


  • LongHairGal


    You’re right that the JWs probably don’t want to join a redress scheme because it looks like they are admitting guilt.

    But, they are caught between a rock and a hard place because the redress scheme shows good faith/good will towards victims and by not joining - it makes the religion look bad, IMO.

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