Russia Confiscates $30.4 Million Property From Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Corney


    You ignore the context and connect unconnected. The org had no intention to avoid established procedures and tried to obtain proper permits but local authorities often abused and violated the law by refusing to issue them. Then it obtained permits for commercial or residential buildings. Just like many other minority religions had to do. Was it honest? No. Did it harmed public interests? Again, no: land was obtained legally (generally bought), not by fraud, building safety wasn't impacted, the state wasn't deprived of any taxes. Compare with the Orthodox Church that often doesn't even try to obtain any permit but authorities almost always help it to legalize its illegal buildings.

    As to the org's unsuccessful attempt to prevent unlawful confiscation of its properties after countless flagrant violations of the law committed by police, "experts", "judges" with total impunity, I cannot blame it.

    Finally, a proper "price" of minor regulatory violation could be a fine, not confiscation.


    The campaign was started after the MoJ filed its application with the Supreme "Court". Do you really believe it could lose? In no way it could.

    I'm not saying the campaign was wise - no, it wasn't. But, first, its impact shouldn't be overvalued; second, the most of those criticizing it are just sympathizers of other campaign - of raids, searches, arrests, criminal prosecutions, surveillance, intimidation, tortures etc.

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