Wear were you in the "Pecking order" in the congro??

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  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam
    I was a young brother that was considered popular and good looking. I even learned to dance really good so that I would rock the young and married sisters off their feet during Spanish congregation get togethers. I used this to my advantage. I hung around with the spiritually fake young good looking pac that knew how to stick it to the fucking elders. I made my own pecking order and made the top feel useless against me many times. I even targeted the elders daughters by bringing them into our secret partying life. We managed to corrupt many elders offspring and denied everything, when questioned. I know that many of these current elders partied in Juarez Mexico with us and even managed to commit fornication with the prostitutes or girls at the bars. Yet they hid it and pretend it never happened. They leave my ass alone because I know their past. They hide behind the Shepard the Flock book loopholes. They can peck my order, and Shepard the flock outa my life. Now I can say I live a clean happy and tranquil family life with a clear psychological understanding of happiness and normalcy.
  • brandnew

    Elders only have power over you...which you give them.

    Put your foot down, and they go back to the regular human they were outside the kingdumb hall.

  • JRK

    We were beneath reproach.


  • Mephis
    I didn't know there was a pecking order until a couple of years back when someone pointed it out to me. Elder's kid plus male. Lots of leeway I didn't even realise was leeway at the time.
  • stillin

    I was a curiosity. I converted in from the "world," married a born-in and the only friends that she would have for us were born-ins. I guess my experience and outlook were good entertainment, but progress in the congregation was extremely slow compared to kids whose fathers were elders.

    I was a true believer but always seemed to have somebody's foot on the back of my neck.

  • ToesUp

    My spouse never reached out for any position and I never pioneered so we were pretty much the sludge at the bottom of the pond. BUT we thought (key work here is thought) we were in Jehovahs organization, right? WRONG! It's all about WHO you are and if you do all the tasks than they can label you a "spiritual person."

    This cult is nothing more than a corporation and social club. We choose to no longer participate and have NEVER been happier!

  • crazy_flickering_light

    MS in good standing. Can't drop it at the moment. Only elected, while blocking an elder-son making career. Work to hard for the cong, they can't skip me. Fully awaken after this.

    Be sure, I use the place I've been for the right side. Telling the youth TTATT as far as I can, unite every time it's possible family with da/df family-members and much more evil things. Nobody like to mess with me in the last time, they loose a lot of fights, bible-based. There will be a day for the second class, I know, but I'm prepared. JC will come. If you awoken, part of the system and know a lot of stuff - sometimes it's fun.

  • talesin

    rebelfighter ,, thanks for that. : ))

    Although, if I don't get any 'dislikes', then I know I'm not 'spressing myself! :P

    xx tal

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