Wear were you in the "Pecking order" in the congro??

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  • karter

    We were right down with the very lowest.

    Father never a JW we had a PO with little mans syndrome and love to pick on sisters that had no husband to stand up for them,He picked on my mother only to find out he picked on the wrong person,She came from a hard up bringing and didn't take any S###T from anyone particularly this little bully and we were very poor...how low can you get!


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I realized how to get to the top real fast, missionary. And oh boy was I disappointed

    when I got there. The bullying never stop. My first elder meeting at the assembly,

    you knew who was in charge. That elder that picked on your mother a jerk, I knew a few.

  • Spiral

    My dad never got baptized so we were always at the bottom of the ladder. But this ultimately proved to be an advantage because I had "worldly" friends growing up without any resistance. Looking back, that helped me out and made me use my brain.

    My mom did experience bullying from elders and was mocked by certain elderettes. Ugh. But, my dad was a big burly guy and no one tried to bully him.

  • LongHairGal

    I guess I was at rock bottom. But I am a loner and never paid any mind to judgmentalism or the religion's titles - which I considered silly.

    Single woman; independent; refused to be targeted by all the users in the congregation. Was not considered to be "spiritual" since I worked full-time and didn't pioneer. Was not invited to special gatherings.

    I would not follow in the footsteps of other single women there.

    And I considered anybody a fool who pioneered when they were living on the edge of poverty when they REALLY should have been working a double shift to save for their retirement OR been in college or an adult education class to get a better job!

    The religion certainly isn't supporting them!

    The religion can take their pecking order and shove it. Glad I'm away from that nonsense!


  • LV101

    karter: I'm so sorry you had to deal with such losers. Your Mom was smart. That PO should have been looking out for the poorer, deserving, ones in the congregation and trying to help them. What a pathetic religion - makes me sick hearing about this and thinking about it.

    My mate was never a part of the cult and I never fit in with the strong, center of the congregation clique -- nor cared to. They'd all be nice to me when they needed a legal favor (wedding/shower gift, etc.) or were doing a collection for one of the favored ones in the congregation. It would make me mad (at the end) but I thought I had to obey and give -- after all, who was I to judge the favored ones. These people who needed handouts were just too lazy to work and I knew of some on the body of elders who agreed. I'd hear via their elderette.

    I hate that cult!

  • blondie
    As a single sister, regular pioneer, I was amazed at the brothers who felt they could tell me what to do. I would remind them that I was not married to them, thank God.
  • Sabin

    Yep I was on the bottom, husband not a brother & I was an argumentative bitch, if I didn't agree I would say so. I was hated for that. Bastards.

    Blondie, I love your comment. Made me laugh.

  • talesin

    Dad was an auditor as the conventions, need I say much more? 4th generation, and if you were not JW, you were the low-class, poor relations we didn't associate with. Mother is a saint, known back in the day by folks all over who sent her cards when she broke her neck and had a 'miraculous' recovery.

    Remembering how deep my family is in. When a certain old elder died, I felt SUCH relief. I was so terrified of him and his brother, who kind of 'ruled' our region for the 50s, 60s, thru to the 80s. But I was in my 40s, and didn't realize until he passed, how much fear his name struck in me. We were poor, but no one ever knew it.

    And it wasn't fun to be paraded around as the 'perfect child', on the platform at conventions before school age, teaching a daily scripture to my classmates in primary school. Sick sick cult.

    [ EDIT: lots of marriage offers, starting at age 13, YIKES! just had to emphasize the SICK. ]

    BOO ! But I'm all right meow. haha xx

  • talesin

    Sabin, your comment. I had to laugh, because that is who I am NOW. As a JW, I was a complete carpet.

    And it is true that some people don't like opinionated women. So be it. Unfortunate, but oh well! :P

  • rebelfighter
    Talesin, sorry hit dislike on the smart phone by accident instead of like. These tiny things and these fat fingers are not compatible.

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