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  • stuckinarut2

    So donating to charities has always been discouraged by the society, as it is a form of support for this "doomed" system. And of course, "the kingdom" is the only "real solution" to all the problems right?

    But in the meantime, this view gives witnesses a "free pass" from the normal human desire to help out those less fortunate, or ones who were born in another part of the world where life is not as privileged as our own. (Eg, many charities just try and ensure people have clean drinking water...something so vital that is often taken for granted)

    And then the skeptical view is used as a crutch by witnesses when they say "the money doesn't really make it to those who need it, but is swallowed by administrative procedures"

    So how does James 2:15-17 fit in?


    Luke 6:31

  • zeb
    or Medecin san frontiere
  • Divergent

    JW's prioritize "spiritual" help rather than physical help. They reason that physical help provides temporary relief whereas "spiritual" help provides lasting relief! (yeah)

    I never bought this kind of reasoning even when I was still in. I reasoned that physical relief should be the main priority as without it, people could lose their lives! What's the use of "spiritual" help (if you would even call it help in the first place) if the person is dead???

    In conclusion, this statement sums it up nicely: People in need of physical help can't eat Bibles!!!

  • berrygerry
    EVERY year hundreds of millions of dollars are contributed by the public to what are termed reputable, legitimate and worthy charities, many of which are sponsored by religious organizations. The question is, Should true Christians, who are under the godly commandments to do good, contribute to these supposedly humanitarian money-raising schemes?

    WT Dec 15, 1950

    (What does one say to WT-speak?)

  • WTWizard

    And what about donating to animal shelters? With the number of abandoned or abused animals around, I would rather donate to the SPCA than the Worldwide Damnation Fund any day. Or, for that matter, any religion that professes Christi-SCAM-ity, Judaism, or Islam. (Which all contribute to the problem.)

    And what is that in the LIE-ble that mandates needless animal sacrifices? Starting right at the beginning--right after blatantly exposing joke-hova as enslaving the whole human race and Satan as our would-be Savior. Cain offered vegetables for a sacrifice, and joke-hova snubbed it. (Back then, we were supposedly vegetarians.) Abel murdered a lamb, and was rewarded for that act of destruction by joke-hova. I would say that sums up joke-hova's attitude toward people and animals--that monster needs their energy to keep going. And Cain, by only giving vegetables, did not supply that Scumbag with such energy.

  • LisaRose

    I still remember the good feeling of tossing a few bills into the Salvation Army bucket for the first time, it was great, I do it every year. Of course I checked them out first to make sure it was a good place to donate, they use most of their funds to help people, not on overhead, and they do good work.

    The Watchtower is hilarious for criticising charities for "not getting the money to those who need it", since all charities have to report how much money actually goes to those in need, and how much goes to overhead, where as they have zero visibility as to where their funds go.

  • crazy_flickering_light
    I spend my money for microcredits. The good thing is, you see who gets the money, you see if it helps and so on. It's nice to join something like kiva - it's make me feel good and you can help with little money. And it's not like giving money to the bOrg, there is no black hole, where the money went.
  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    In my place of work, a group coordinates taking care of a few families' meals during Thanksgiving and toys for local kids during Christmass. It really is nice how they set it up each year. I always contribute to those noble causes.

    Big charities make me feel like I am giving my hard earned money their top management. Research how much money these people earn, it is enraging! I mean, millions of dollars paid to top management!!! I always stay local, where I can verify the most money is really being used as intended.

    Also, have found ways of putting money in the Salvation Army red kettles and the Ronald McDonald foundation. I have seen first hand how these charities do help the needy.


  • Watchtower-Free
  • brandnew
    Watchtower magazines, and tracts dont taste good when your hungry!!!!! Duh!!!

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